MONPOC Lore consolidated List

If anyone is curious, here is a list of links to all the various lore i know of thats been put out for MONPOC.
Verdant vs the Vile part 1; Necroscourge vs Vegetyrants history:

Verdant vs the Vile part 2; Necroscourge vs Vegetyrants history:

God-war fiction

Gallamaxus slept here and other tales to avoid (insider)

Where the monsters were (insider)

‘Tis the season (insider, sky sentinel vs deimos)

Masters and Mutates (insider, Masters and mutates)

Necessary sacrifices (insider, Cthul)

Captains log, first sight (insider, mars)

Treat or Trick (insider, ubercorp)

The King and I (insider, Ape empire vs Savage Swarm)

Worlds Collide (insider, Draken, Mars, GUARD)

Meeting of the minds (Insider, Ubercorp, Wastes, Cthul)

La Nuit Des Monstres (insider, Draken vs Necroscourge)

A city of Towers (insider, Moles vs Tritons)

Days of wars and monsters, Vol 2 excerpts (insider, Zerkalo vs Shadowsun)

Monpoc Monday shorts (insider, various)

Enemy of my Enemy (insider, Terra khan)

A dark sun rises (insider, Shadowsun)

From the Shadows (PE, Shadowsun)

Sentinel’s stand (Insider, Guard, PE, Shadowsun)

Fighting fire with fire (Insider, GUARD, PE, Greenfury via laser knight)

In the Path of Destruction (Insider, GUARD, PE)

HUNGER (fanfic, Karkinos)

Payday (fanfic, Robo-Kondo, General Hondo)


I love seeing this. What a great resource for players. I have pinned this to the top of the Monpoc board.


Wow! This is an excellent contribution. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.