Faction Primer: Ancient Ones from SmashU

Check out the first faction primer article from SmashU all about my favorite faction to play, the Ancient Ones from the Destroyers agenda.



Awesome, I hope you continue this series! As a newcomer to Monpoc (in terms of experience at least) I feel going monofaction is an easier starting point for getting into the game, and I just like it from a thematic standpoint, so faction-specific advice sounds useful to me.

I feel like the starter kit factions would be a good place to start. The fact that I just ordered some starter kits and extra Swarm and Elemental blisters for friends is purely coincidental…

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I probably should have started there, but I wanted to give myself a kick to actually begin writing, so I did my favorite faction first. I’ll gladly do Elemental Champions and Savage Swarm next though.

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Cool, I look forwards to them!