MKIV Prime Armies are Great

So far my friend and I are five games deep in Winter Korps vs Sea Raiders, and honestly these are the best products PP has ever produced, top to bottom. And probably some of the best in miniature gaming period right now.

Physically, the models are awesome. The first run of Sea Raiders and Storm Legion was kinda mid, but pretty much everything after that with the darker resin and single piece models has been fantastic. My favorite model bundles ever. It takes little time to get them playable, and they look so good.

And a special shout-out to the packaging. While I did prefer PPs attempt to move to wax paper packaging to cut down on plastic, the bubble wrap sleeves are good to keep around for my own shipping needs, and the four little boxes are great for holding various things like cards and tokens. And the templates, even. No “scan this page” stuff, just good cardstock with a nice finish that you can cut out and they look great. Seriously, cut out the cloud/wall/trench templates the bundles come with.

In terms of gameplay, the MKIV specific armies feel like the most deliberately designed armies PP has ever made. Pretty much every aspect of the army seems thought out, which is a good change of pace from the “concept above all” feel the game has always had, and evening it out into a more holistic approach. Basically there’s no fat on the armies themselves, the models definitely have a type and power curve awareness to them, and every new army follows a structure template with size/release parity. That kind of parity makes games better, and it was a shame when MKIII abandoned it. Glad to see it’s back.

The new armies are fairly distinct too, with Winter Korps adopting a purely gunpowder focused fighting style and Sea Raiders being more balanced in their approach options, with an emphasis on harpoons and area-based enemy debuffs. Storm Legion seems more focused on beef this time around and sports some extreme gun ranges, while House Kallyss has a lot of healing and recursion combined with big damage buffs to play attrition.

Then finally, on the table, the game is Warmachine but faster (as in takes less time). Threat ranges and lethality are still pretty high, but everything still feels more measured. I think it’s mostly the new cards, racks, and defenses giving players a lot more agency in keeping certain models around. Kind of a “proactive defense” adding a new layer of interaction to the game. This is all very good, as Warmachine is a great game, and these additions (deliberate army design, more player interactivity, faster play) all make the game better.

Last, I want to point to the Battle Forge series in the app. After taking detours to half a dozen other miniature games (and other types of games) I have an appreciation for more ways to enjoy a game/product, and the app giving me cool alternative scenarios.

Now alternative scenarios aren’t anything new in Warmachine, but these are a little different. They tend to cover the board in terrain (like 20 pieces) and give you special, but not TOO special, objectives. So far one is asymmetrical with one person in the middle, which I don’t care for, but the rest are like… what if you got some Malifaux in your Steamroller. Fighting over hills with LOS blocking everywhere, each player having a tower with spotlights and barrels of oil you can make fire terrain with, etc. Basically they still feel like good well made game modes with a healthy dash of cool thematic play to them, so if you’re a pure Steamroller person, you can still get practice out of these since they have strong elements of fundies.

(Credentials: my group and I have played MCP, Shatterpoint, Malifaux, Ice and Fire, Arena Rex, Warcaster, and AoS and 40k in the past few years. In that list, Malifaux is the overall best game)

Thank you for reading.


I agree with you on this being the best edition of the game. As a Cygnar main i always had issue with them not feeling like a range army and thier melee being decidedly lacking to say nothing of their almost comical mishmash of low health and low damage output warjacks. This go round all these things have been corrected. My favorite unit is the Tempest Assailers, though admittedly i wish they were POW 15 rather than 14 but, its a small gripe as a unit savaged a heavy warjack and nearly killed it (left it with crippled spirit and mind, and i think 3 or 4 health). Even their “base” infantry get work done now and their warjacks are perfectly capable of one turning thier targets now.

Khador is my second army and i must say, i dismissed the winter korp infantry a bit to quickly at first. Recent game one squad with rockets and banner absolutely smoked a shieldwalled heavy infantry unit. Their warjacks are also far improved, im not totally sold on the dire wolf but that great bear is a monster. Im also a bit underwhelmed with their Man-O-War unit. I want to like them, i do, i used to run armored korp in mk 3, however these new MOW while beautiful models just dont have use outside of infantry mulching without real swinging dice. I hope there will be other variants to bring this around.

Anywho, ive rambled for far to long. Have a great day and lets keep pushing this game!

I haven’t noticed them being significantly quicker myself.

For me, they fly compared to MK III! :slight_smile:

I totally get what you mean about the new miniature quality op. I’ve always preferred Privateer Press’s style, but there is something about the new range that seems to give more dynamic poses or just allows more imagination to seep into the miniatures: I can’t explain it (could be some sort of “shiny new thing” placebo like effect, granted). One thing I can say for certain, however, is that it’s been an absolute joy to work with the dark grey resin that the newer prints seems to be gravitating towards. The brittleness doesn’t bother me as much since, at least during assembly, as I just view it as another piece to glue; instead, the level of detail is fantastic and the lack of mold lines is life changing. I hated cleaning mould lines you see. The closest equivalent here, the tiny supports that many models seem to still have after shipping, snap right off with very little effort and for some reason leave no blemishes on the model even after curing. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Privateer Press’s 3d printing process makes my favorite models to put together and paint. I can’t wait to see how they handle the soon to be released larger solos!


Yeah they did a great job with those new armies. I’m quite happy with how some of the old armies were changed as well (I’m looking at you Kraye).

I was always a Cygnar boy and the new Cygnar models look excellent but I already own pretty much all of the Storm Division models so it was difficult to get myself to buy the new Cygnar army because it wouldn’t feel like a new army as much as a cleaned up version of what I had. So even though I’ve been Cygnar through and through I went for the Orgoth and man are they nice models. I like playing assassins as well, Caine II will always be my favorite, but Kishtaar has been getting the job done. She can get a few angles with her jacks, or just go in her self and seal the deal on feat turn. Also I’m not used to having these AOE debuffs, lots of fun just sprinting models in to reduce armor and then hitting for big damage from a distance. And don’t get me started on those new cavalry, the dragons are soooo cooooool. I’ve never had flying models before either so they’ll be quite a lot of fun.

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