Congratulations and thank you!

As of the update today, 100% of the legacy model rules have been converted to MKIV and released in the Unlimited Arena!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. When Mark IV came out my friends were kind of put off by changes to the now Legacy armies. There was much complaining about how their armies were basically unusable. We saved the Mark 3 cards from the website as a precaution, expecting War Room 2 to go away and us being stuck. Maybe even just giving up and shoving our minis up in storage, forgotten like so many other games over the years.

As time went by and we saw more Prime Legacy armies being released plus the growing Unlimited options? I think things improved. The biggest hold-out finally came around when Skorne were finished and he was like, “Okay, I can play this.”

Now, we’re all in our 40’s and 50’s, so time to play has been scarce. But we’re getting ready. I went out and bought my own Prime Legacy armies for Protectorate to add to my collection. Even boosted my Cephylax.

So thank you. While real life stops us from playing as much as we’d like? We can. I really, REALLY appreciate the work that’s gone into things.


I can’t say I’m happy about all the changes to unlimited models, but just the fact that they are out has rekindled my interest in the game. I’ve been writing lists, looking for new synergies and interactions, new ways to play old models. I’ve been buying old models from the webstore for my legacy lists. I really hope PP keeps the legacy models playable (with at least some degree of maintenance) for a long time to come. I love these characters and these models, I don’t want to have to just put them away and forget about them.


Woohoo! I’m now officially late to work checking out all the Merc information. Some things are more important than others. As a Merc player since 2006, I’m thrilled and highly motivated to help build our local community. Now…I just need to find a Swabber and Swashbuckler. :grinning:


Legacy will be supported for all of MK4 with the prime lists looked at for balance in the yearly update.


Sorry, by “legacy” I meant “all the old models”, so I guess “unlimited” by current nomenclature. Some of my very favourite models didn’t make the jump to Mk4 Legacy (yet…?). I’m glad they do have current rules, but I’m worried it might not be as long as I would like before they become functionally unplayable.


Just to help with nomenclature (I’m not a PP staff or anything, but I’ve been hooked to MK4 transition since the very announcement :wink: )

  • Legacy models are all old models, anything existing prior to MKIV.

  • Unlimited and Prime are game formats.

  • Everything new (MKIV) can play and be played against either in Prime or Unlimited).

  • Some Legacy models got into Prime, but not all.

  • All Legacy models are in Unlimited, you can make Unlimited format list with them.

There should be no Unlimited models left to be ported to MKIV (this is, to be in the App with their rules and cards). It seems that there are some hiccups here and there, probably they will correct them in the next weeks.

What is not happenning (that we know) is to create more Legacy Prime Armies, the ones that we can see is the ones they said would be done -and kept during all MKIV life- , some of them will get a 4th Leader (Warcaster or Warlock), but it is not expected that many models move from Unlimited to Prime.

If you see models missing, I suggest to report in the app so they are aware, but probably at this point all models that are missing are reported.

I’m pretty much “hip” to all that, but it seems just using “legacy” to talk about old models can cause confusion, as we just saw.

Some of the Unlimited models have mistakes or things that feel like they might be mistakes (Fenris does not have Berserk for example), and some just feel like sad shadows of their former selves (what with Faye’s fixes being ignored). So I am hoping that Unlimited receives a little bit more attention.

My “jump to Mk4” comment was prompted by the suggestion I had heard recently (and you mentioned in your post) that Prime Legacy armies might get a 4th Warcaster. I’m really hoping for Karchev and Butcher to make the jump to Prime Legacy - although tbh almost any of our remaining warcasters getting into Prime would make me happy.

Thanks! Its has been a lot of work to bring us to this point. Making new stuff and updating the Unlimited catalog seemed like an impossible feat when we first started out but the rest of Dev team and our play-testers have been amazing. Really came together to get the work done. Hats off to them all for putting in some amazing work.

Hats off to all you guys for being so patient while we work. You’ve been great and we are happy we can play with all our toys again. Now lets get out and play some Warmachine <3