Stagger and charging

This might be a silly question, but can you charge while Staggered?

You lose your intial attacks, but you’re not losing your combat action. So my read is that you CAN charge, but don’t get a charge attack, you just charge up and stand there, and ofc possibly buy additional attacks if able to.

Is that correct? Because that’s how it reads to me RAW, but it feels so weird to say that you can charge but not make a charge attack.


Yep. Nothing that I can read would prevent the Charge from happening. You still have melee weapons and a melee range, and as mentioned can buy attacks.

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Super-short, no-quotes version:

Nothing in the Charge rules say you have to be able to make initial attacks to charge. It says “first attack”, and nothing prevents that from being a bought attack. You still are able to/have to choose the “Make initial melee attacks” option, even though you lose your initial attacks.

Reference, with Infernal ruling:

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I missed that thread, thanks. For some reason I didn’t think the first bought attack would be a charge attack, good to know.

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Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

In that thread we got the clarification about what “loses its initial attacks” actually meant, which was the key part we needed.