How to get feedback to Game Designers

What is the best way of getting hopefully constructive feedback to the designers without starting a flame war?


Sending an email to them has always been good for me. They can take a day or two to respond, but are always friendly and willing to engage.


But how do you do that. Through the customer support channel on the site? I thought that was for replacements

The best ways to provide feedback are:

  • Via thoughtfully-crafted emails to :slight_smile:

  • For specific issues on MK IV cards, via the “Submit Card Feedback” option in the Warmachine App

Do note that a large portion of the team is at GenCon this week, so I wouldn’t expect to hear from anybody until around August 8 at the absolute earliest. :slight_smile:


Oh, and for what it’s worth: this forum has proven itself approximately sixty-three million times more civil than standard social media in regards to Warmachine, so you might also consider soliciting feedback from us. :slight_smile:

For example, I’ve been around since very early MK I (Escalation, baby!) and I could probably tell you, for example, why a particular game mechanic works the way it works, because I’ve probably seen the alternative in action and I can relate some horror story about some turn 1 kill or a you-lost-at-deployment condition stemming from a broken interaction. :sweat_smile: Other people can help you refine your ideas too. :slight_smile:


Awesome thank you for the assist.

Yeah, us old-schoolers know a thing or two because weve seen a thing or two. (I’m not AS old school - Evolution here.) But I remember those days…


Yep, the alpha strike turn one days in MKI, II, and III

This forum is a 100% better than reddit or facebook.


Although, I do miss the format of the old forums. They were much easier to search through and peruse.


I miss them too, but I think this Hub will prove much easier as we get used to it. I’ve pinned the tags I’m most interested in to my sidebar so I can quickly navigate to them for example.

I also want to make sure it’s known that the layout of the Hub is not set in stone. I try to read every thread and if something is coming up frequently from multiples users as a pain point I will bring it up to the admins. So while stuff might not always change rapidly I promise that feedback isn’t being ignored. I’m sure it won’t surprise many players that PP staff tend to wear a lot of hats, which means that not everything can be prioritized right away.


… I’ve been around since very early MK I (Escalation , baby!) and I could probably tell you…

No0b :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: