Warmachine App Feature Prioritization?


I understand there is an in-app feedback mechanism in the app, but I wonder what’s the preferred place to discuss feature requests. If this isn’t the place, let me know.

Otherwise I would like to share my experience, which is that I think that the app is excellent as a card database and list builder app. But I find the reading experience extremely problematic. Continuous vertical scrolling, combined with “Prev”/“Next” buttons is very cumbersome to me. I’d like to have flipping pages instead, reminiscent of the older wood pulp based reading technology. I’d add that better utilization of larger screens (e.g. iPad) would also help a lot. As is, I cannot summon the stamina to even make it through a single short story or Compendium doc, which is a pity.

Thank you and apologies if this is a duplicate of something posted elsewhere.


I would also send them an email, as that generally gets seen and responded too. There are only a few staff regularly in the forums here, so it could be a while before this is seen.

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