Call for veteran players to help with the New Player Topic

Hello all,
One of the things that I find really promising about this new Community Hub is the ability to consolidate a lot of good advice, information, and tips for new players. Other social media like the Facebook group and Reddit aren’t great at this, as they prioritize content that is being actively engaged with with no good way to pin useful but low interaction posts like “How to get started with the game” type questions. Anyone who has spent time on the FB group especially has no doubt seen dozens of posts along the lines of
“I’m just starting, what army should I pick?”
“Where can I find the story about ”
“What’s a good starting list for ?”

So I’m putting out a call to all veteran players to help create some better long-term topics for those sorts of questions. I’ve started a couple general topics #warmachine:new-to-warmachine subcategory but I’d love to see more people jump in.

In particular I’d really appreciate some help filling out info on helping people choose and play their first Army. I’ve started a topic for giving a basic overview of each Army’s play style and lore called “What Army Should I Play?” but I don’t know every Army, especially with the limited Mk4 games I’ve been able to play so far, so if anyone is interested in helping to fill out some quick summaries of Armies they’re familiar with I’d really appreciate it. I’d also love to see more in-depth topics on each army like we used to have with the old forums Tactica threads, which I could then link from the big overview topic so that new players can get all their information from one starting point.

And remember, you don’t need to be a tournament winner or a WTC champ to share your knowledge of the game. Even if you’ve only been playing a little while, if you have things you want to share that you wish you’d known when you started please share it!

Thanks all, and happy gaming.