Campaign and League Subscription?

Hi all. I am heavily involved with a war-game club down in outback Australia. We have a decent following and want to keep driving Warmachine.

The main issue we have is lack or retailer ( there isn’t even one in our state, let alone close by) so getting store support is difficult.

Another issue is getting campaign support both organised and timely ( timely being the key here) as it takes more time to shift product down under.

To solve this problem would it be feasible to have a subscription that a club can sign up for? Eg. We have 8 people - and pay the subscription regardless of what it is / costs and when the pack is ready it gets sent down. ( we wouldn’t care what it is, just wanting to get involved).

Are there any glaring issues that I haven’t noticed? Any comment would be helpful to develop the potential idea further.

From what I recall they have been open to selling the retailer event kits to private clubs who don’t have a store, if you contact and as them about it they might be able to hook you up with the retail kit.

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