Welcome test users! To the new Community Hub!

We are creating a new Community Hub for engaging with all things Privateer, and only things Privateer. We wanted a space other than Facebook that facilitates better discourse, organization of topics, and the ability to pin or archive community resources. We’re inviting our close collaborators to check it out and help us kick the tires and give us feedback before we open it up to the community at large. This is a work in progress with lots still to add! We’d be grateful if you would like to check it out and help add some topics and tags!

Please take a moment to say hello and respond to my message here, with things you would love to see in our Community Hub!!

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Hello I am responding to your message here

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What are you currently thinking the purpose of the Community Hub category would be? I see there are already topics for specific games and for Hobby, so what sort of topics are you thinking would end up here? Just trying to get an idea of what sort of seed topics or category rules might make sense.

Hello Warmachine fam!

Super excited to be here, thanks for the invite! Subjects or items I think would be super beneficial would be:

New Players Welcome! - post an FAQ and starting resources for new/returning players to the game

PP focused events/Steamrollers - Store finder/location is a great and needed resource. Thank you for including it. Recommend having an area that showcases/promotes upcoming conventions featuring PP and their games as well as IG qualifiers and other big steamroller events.

Building a meta/networking: Dedicate an area for players to try and link up to start their own metas and gaming groups. Keep this separate from the established locations. This could one, help avoid LGS bloat for groups that are still forming and two, create a dedicated forum for players to network and help each other out. Once their group is established, move to store finder/location. This would also give easier visibility to PP to see new groups forming, and help (if available) by sending them some promo items or journeyman kits. This helped our group out a whole lot when we started 2 years ago and a lot of people are not aware this option exists.

Content Creator’s Corner - (shameless plug) Offer an area for players to locate content creators easily for things like hobby guides, blogs, lore, battle reports, podcasts, etc. Could be links to YT channels, podcasts, blogs, etc.

That’s all I have at this time :slight_smile:


Excellent requests! Some.of those ideas are already in the works!

Each Game system has an area for podcasts!

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Way back in the old forums there were faction-specific boards and each one had a pinned Tactica post with some info about the factions playstyle and some advice about different models and whatnot. I am wondering if that would be worth reproducing for Armies; pro is that it is an easy place for new players to start getting an idea of the playstyle and what things to look out for, con is that it can easily be biased by whoever took the time to make the post. Plus with the way Mk4 models are releasing it may not be quite as useful since the question of where to start is going to be The Starter Box. Could be useful for Warcaster though?

Maybe just pinned links to the wiki pages instead could be good, that would remove the risk of someone biasing the tactica posts too much I suppose. Just trying to think about what I found helpful when I started Warmachine way back in the day.


Hi! Thanx for the invite.

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The system just flagged me for making too many topics on my first day, so I’m just going to make a list here of topics I was intending to create so I remember to come back to them tomorrow.

Category - Title (description)
Warmachine - Legacy, Prime, and Unlimited - A Guide (explainer on Mk4 format terminology)
Warmachine - What Army should I play? (Brief blurb on each army with links to wiki and store pages, maybe light tactica?)
Warmachine - Beta Test Thoughts: Wartable discussion (people are gonna talk about Wartable, admins should have a policy about it IMO)
Warcaster - What Faction should I play? (Same as the Warmachine one, except I don’t know Warcaster so someone else would have to fill it out lol)
Iron Kingdoms - Homebrew (place or tag for people to post homebrew under)


All good ideas I’ll definitely look into the flagging.

Definitely a separate Prime/Unlimited area.

Thank you for the invite to help beta test the new forums. I like the look so far, admittedly I have only seen it on my iPhone. Are there plans to have individual faction forums?

Looking for anyone who has some table time with any of the Mk4 Armies to help me flesh out some new player content. I’ve got a post in the #warmachine board called Which Army Should I Play? Where I’m planning to have entries for each of the Prime Armies to kinda briefly cover the Army’s general vibe and play style. I haven’t played with or against the new stuff (or honestly that many Mk4 games at all) enough to have any knowledge beyond a basic reading of their rules so if you’ve played with the new stuff and have some suggestions of what a new player might find helpful in picking one please share in that post or DM me!

Examples would be something like “Legions of Dawn is an elite army of heavy infantry. Their jacks are flexible but expensive, but their melee infantry is very specialized and hits like a truck. “ etc. I haven’t decided yet whether it’s worth going into a full Army breakdown, I just want to start with the sort of things you’d tell a new person who asks “well what’s the deal with XYZ Army?”



With the use of tags we can separate topics by faction or ideas. Try adding a few topics with tags and try it out!

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Looking forward to seeing what the future holds!


Hello. Hope to see some great things here.


Welcome to our Community Hub!

Hello! I would to see a lot of pointers to the content creators. Anything to see and support people excited about these games!

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Good day. I’m glad to be here.

I’m a GM for the TTRPG Iron Kingdoms, so any Stat Blocks for equipment and NPCs not covered in the RPG texts would be excellent to find here.

I am currently running the 3.5e Witchfire Trilogy, so any Stat Blocks from that time would be an amazing find here so I do not have to dig through a stack of No Quarter magazines or run internet searches.

Please let me know what I can do to help the community in exchange.

Nice (shameless) plug. I recently began listening to the Tried and True Warmachine Podcast. I currently am living in North East Philly and learning that there is a meta so close was cool to find out.

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Hey there! That’s awesome! We have a few players in Philadelphia who come frequent our LGS during our weekly open play. We’re hosting a Teamroller event in Philly this Saturday if you wanted to come join :slight_smile:

Location: The Battle Bunker (Ecosave)
4000 S. 26th Street, #100, Philadelphia, PA
Start time: 10am
Buy-in: $10

For open play, we play every Tuesday night at Alternate Universes in Wilmington, DE.
3617 Silverside Rd, Wilmington, DE 19810

Let me know if you’d like an invite to our Discord let me know. We have a bunch of events posted and a pretty active community.