How do MOW Suppressors stand up?

I’m working on some Man-O-War Suppressors, and noticed that their big exo-suits have no connections between the torso and the legs. No supports, no cables, nothing. I thought there might be an interlock on the front of the suit, but then one of the models has the torso rotated and they aren’t aligned.

So is it just a random Khadorian lugging a few hundred pounds of gear on their shoulders (armor, power plant, and gun arms), while pushing a set of unpowered legs around? The operator would barely be able to stand, let alone move and fight. How do they function?

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A lot of mechanika has weight-compensation runes built in to the housing, could be that.


Try looking at the concept art to see if there’s intended to be some sort of system connecting everything. Sometimes it’s hard, even with advanced 3d printing, to give tons of detail and still have it be ascetically pleasing.

There was a similar thing years ago that basically calculated the amount of coal Khador needed for its jacks and it was something like 5x more than actual earth has used or something

Basically, a wizard did it :wink:

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Like what @SaltTitan said, there could be a weight compensation runeplate buried in the housing. We know things like warcaster armor do something to this effect when their arcane turbine is powered, and arcane turbines are also how jacks get their cortex power I’m fairly certain (doorstop from the black river irregulars was mentioned as having one during a repair scene iirc). It wouldn’t be too much of a leap in understanding (even without it being stated in the lore verbatim) to think that they’ve reduced that to MOW armor sized, which frankly wouldn’t even be that great of a reduction necessarily

The weight compensator runes are explicitly mentioned in the Annihilators Cadre compendium article, in fact. :slight_smile:

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lol I am, I must’ve just forgotten

Interesting, they don’t explicitly mention them as rune plates, but they do mention they have weight compensation.

Edit:although they do mention them in the context of mechanika, which implies runes. Nothing explicit about the mechanika in question though

Yes, I did read the article. Using mechanikal compensators to hold the armor up makes sense, except there is nothing connecting the top and bottom halves of the armor. Mechanika needs power to function, so without any sort of connecting cables, the legs don’t seem like they would work at all.

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At times like these, I defer to the wisdom of the Love Theme from Mystery Science Theater 3000:

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Maybe the cables are inside the wearer’s trousers? Or maybe there are built-in accumulators in the legs? There are obvious mechanikal glowy bits in the legs, so the legs are not powered by rye bread and bad attitude alone.

This is almost certainly the real answer. The art for the cadre models definitely looks to me like there’s some connective mechanisms that likely just didn’t work on the finished model for some reason.

Thanks for the photo dump. I see on Sikora, there’s a bunch of connecting linkages, and i believe those are represented on her model. But her suit isn’t one of the new suits (if my reading of the Annihilators lore is accurate), and the old MOW models completely encased their operator.

All the other pictures (Krol, Kontroller, Wrecking Crew) show that central piece at the waist that looks like a linkage, but one of the models has the torso rotated and the pieces are not aligned. Whether its not supposed to be a linkage, or if it was just an oversight during sculpting, it just looks weird to me.