So Privateer could this happen?

Could a Karchev 3 journyman warcaster or autonomous warjack upgrade kit hapen please?
think about it i see since i joined this game i hear Khador players desireing a colossal karchev, and the modular nature of the Mastodon woud allow a upgrade kit to archive this goal

just give him a new axe head, shouder guns, underlung left arm gun, and of course a new fancy bald head with a rebreathing aparatus.

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Kinda love this idea, ngl

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One flaw in your plan is that Karchev died during Henge Hold. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Also, journeyman Karchev wouldn’t have been a man in the machine. That didn’t happen until a decade or two after he was crippled during the First Thornwood War.)

Didnt know it was confirmed death, just having his body criticaly damaged again, if he survived that twice already why not a third tine?

The guy would be a hundred and how much? I think we can blame him becoming senile for atrophied atcane capabilities

Karchev would be roughly 152 years old at this point. He was born in 469 AR.

re: his death in Henge Hold
Here’s exactly what Henge Hold said:

And, that was the last word in the fiction, including all the stuff published in the Warmachine App.

The above, plus the consideration that Karchev & Deathjack is the Riot Quest alternate-timeline where Karchev lived (by combining with Deathjack), leads me to feel confident that he’s dead. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t rule out any character that “died” at Henge Hold until newer fiction directly references their death. The writing team purposefully established the Hermit as an unreliable narrator so they could leave themselves some wiggle room and it’s entirely within the realm of possibility in this setting that someone finds him barely alive in the aftermath and gets him back up and running eventually.

That being said, so far they haven’t contradicted any of the deaths from HHS in any of the new fiction as far as I know so I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

It would be interesting to see how they went about balancing a colossal-sized warcaster so that it’s not horribly unbalanced.

While I appreciate that perspective, we technically haven’t seen coroner’s reports and death certificates for anybody, so one could argue that Vlad, Vinter, Damiano, Axis, Stryker, or anybody else is still alive. :slight_smile:

(“But Stryker appeared as an archon!”
“No, an archon that looked like Stryker appeared.”
“But Stormbreak Part 4 literally says ‘Coleman Stryker died in the light.’”
“Poetic license. People say ‘the light dies’ when the sun goes down, that doesn’t mean the sun gets destroyed each night.”
and so on, and so forth. :slight_smile: )

At some point you have to take what was written at face value and in the spirit that it was written, and not actively seek out a rules exploit or technicality to justify making it a “comic book death.” :slight_smile:

Sure, but again the HHS are specifically not reliable. Part 2 starts off by telling you that they’re not reliable:

The more I look, the more I see, and the less clear things become. Events are written down, but so much is missing. The runes appearing on the page are jumbled, messy, overwriting themselves as though recounting too many paths at the same time.

Rushed, as if the many strands are compressed to fit within a mortal consciousness. There is much here to tell but not enough space to write it, not enough time to tell it. The futures of many are overwhelmed by others, fates of several are unknown in what I can decipher.

And the writers have mentioned in the past (though tbh I can’t find the specific reference, it was probably on the Facebook group and searching that is a nightmare) that it was unreliable. If I recall correctly it was specifically in answering a question about character deaths; the quote I recall is something like “It would have been really tedious to have to get approval from Matt for every character death, so if later that character turns up it’s because the Hermit was wrong.”

Given that, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that the door is ever so slightly ajar for those events to not be entirely concrete. At least until it’s confirmed in the current narrative (like Vlad or Styker, who have been specifically called out as dead multiple times in the newer lore).

So it is always possible. Characters have come back from the brink of death or even actual death before.

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There’s also no reason PP couldn’t just make a new character who is embedded in a warjack. Another warcaster crippled in battle who wishes to continue fighting, a Convergence soul chamber attached to a colossal-sized body, a sentient soul bound to a cortex ala the Immortality adventure for IKRPG 2d6, etc etc.

Plenty of ways they could choose to execute on the concept if they want to.

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Thats why i put it as a journyman or autonomous warjack, ARM18-20 60 odd boxes + damage reduction from overboosting shields, assassinating him would take a herculean task + buying atracks at a pow 23+ not nice to fight’ so as a jr he would have points and i dont belive he + a cheap jack would be less tham 40-45 points

Thats also a solution, a spiritual karchev 3 instead of the actual karchev 3

I’ve assumed that this bit was about Karchev, which seems to imply despite being squished he continues to refuse to die.

I’m 100% confident that was in regards to Deneghra. She had just gotten pulped by the Guardian of Souls in the previous paragraph. The “lifeless arm” is in reference to her undead form, and the scorched metal was the wreckage of Deathjack and/or her Slayers that had just gotten wrecked in the same exchange.

The quoted sentence was indicating that Deneghra, although squished, wasn’t dead dead.

Also…Karchev was a quadriplegic after Thornwood, hence the warjack suit. He wouldn’t have been moving his arms anyway. :slight_smile:

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You underestimate the rage! :wink:

Karchev isn’t dead. He’s just mashed together with the Deathjack now.

Now, a colossal-sized Death Karjack is an interesting notion… :sweat_smile:


Wait wait wait…So you’re saying that despite being a Riot Quest model, Karchev2 is canon?

What other Riot Quest models are canonical?

Who said they weren’t? :wink:

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Half-Life Karjack 3 confirmed?


Assuming you are referring to the main timeline and not the riot quest one, does karchev have any consciousness left in him or has he been overtaken/controlled by the skulls of hate now?


I was pretty sure that the PP stance had been that Riot Quest was a post apocalyptic variant timeline where the Internals had “won”, and Menoth had gone to Rapture. As compared to the standard timeline where the Internals are narrowly defeated and Menoth is led across the sea.

Is this not the case? Or is Kar-Jack the same in both timelines?