Supressors at low points

I’m new to MKIV, 3 games in so far, and I’m having some trouble with lower point list building. I picked up the Winter Korps add on Box and have a starter box on order and I love the Man O War Suppressors but I’m having problems using them in a 50 point list. The vets in my play group let me borrow models to help fill out my lists so I have access to every model available to Winter Korps, I just want to know some tips for building around these guys. Typically I like to include a mechanic and unit of spear guys with Valerii as my Leader but I’m not married to any particular set ups, so if you’ve had luck with other set ups I’d like to hear about it.

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Are you entirely new to Warmachine, or just new to MK IV?

My recommendations change depending on the answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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New to Warmachine as a whole.

Well then, welcome to Warmachine! :slight_smile:

My advice for truly new players is: start slow. :slight_smile: I’ve observed that the players who do best are those who spend the first 5-10 games just getting a good understanding of how the battlegroup works. The battlegroup of warcasters and warjacks is really the core concept of the game, and having a solid understanding of how to use focus, boost, cast spells, make power attacks, Power Up, charge, etc. really matters! It’ll make the jump to including units, solos, and so forth a lot easier.

As for the Suppressors themselves: they’re very durable, models with solid offensive output. They accept buffs really well (Iron Flesh makes them even tougher; ARM 21, 10 boxes, and blast resistance makes them fairly tough to crack) and they absolutely love Valerii’s Kill Order battle plan. :slight_smile:

They are good at being a self-sufficient unit that can clear off flags and threaten flanks fairly well.

My biggest advice with units is: learn the ins and outs of the unit movement rules, because you can do some pretty cool things with it. :slight_smile: Suppressors are shockingly fast for a SPD 4 unit, if you know how to do it right!

Are you playing any scenarios, or just doing caster kill games for now?


Just kill games for now, I haven’t noticed anyone in my group doing scenario battles so far. I have noticed in most of my games that my infantry doesn’t seem to do all too much so I’m trying to rely more on my jacks and just kind of throwing into the enemy with Escort and keeping Valerii behind the suppressors or spear guys to prevent him from getting sniped.

Low-points games tend to be very battlegroup-centric, yes. :slight_smile: Units and solos start playing much more important roles at the 50- and 75-point levels, because (especially once you start playing scenarios) it becomes impossible to score on many scenario elements without units and solos. :slight_smile:

Additionally, there’s only so much focus and so many attacks to go around (even with 2-3 warjacks), and having your units to combat their units keeps you from getting overwhelmed.

Somebody else will come along and share some more insights, I’m sure! :slight_smile:

I’ll even throw in that a lot of the inherent strength of suppressors comes from them having steady and sturdy specifically for the scenario game. That combined with their inherent toughness can make them very difficult to get off of zones and out from contesting flags.

The eyeless sight card can be beneficial for them.

They’re also good for taking down larger-based, lightly-armored things. I’ve found coursers to be juicy targets for them, as well as medium infantry. Keeping this in mind can help you deploy and position to their strengths, so that they can have favorable matchups