Hit the Deck! - How it works?

Three models, all base to base. They all have Hit the Deck! They are targeted with a POW12/7, AOE 2 attack, which directly hits one model. There are also two other models without Hit the Deck! within 2" of the model directly hit but more than 1" away.

What happens?

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No one knows how this rule actually works?

Maybe it would need some rephrasing. For example is “hit by an AOE” the AOE part of the attack with AOE (blast damage) or the whole attack?

In the example you gave, the directly hit model and the two model’s with “Hit the Deck!” would be knocked down and take no damage.

The 2 models without “Hit the Deck!” would take POW 7 damage rolls.

The main guy directly hit would be knocked down but take no damage. The other two with HtD! would be completely unaffected.
The two models further away would take pow 7 blasts.

If the attack applied some effect like crater or continous fire the directly hit model and the two taking blast damage would also get that.


No, this is wrong. The other two models are completely ignored as if they’re not even there.

I’m happy if this really is correct. Hit the Deck! is a superb good rule then.

The rule text is kinda confusing as it is. First it tells me to ignore models with Hit the Deck! when determining which models would be hit by an AOE. Okay. Then it explains what happens to models with Hit the Deck! if they would be hit by an AOE.

In what situations would the “instead becomes knocked down” even happen if the rule first tells me to ignore those models?

That happens when a model with Hit the Deck is Directly hit by an attack with aoe.

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It would be really nice if the rule actually said so, but it doesn’t. The two sentences make no difference between direct hits or hits otherwise.

This rule continues to cause confusion. Since we have nice infernal presence these days could @elswickchuck confirm that the interpretation eldrak made above is correct (or tell other interpretation)?

I apologize

I guess im having trouble understanding the question

Could someone please rephrase it for me

I’ll take the case!

What exactly gets ignored by the instruction “Ignore a model with Hit the Deck! …” ?

The opening sentence can be understood as contradicting the second sentence:

  • The first sentence says “ignore this model”
  • The second sentence says “But if you would be hit, do this instead” – which could never be satisfied by a strict reading of the first sentence, because you ignore the model with Hit the Deck when determining who can be hit by AOEs.

The first post describes a game situation. I’d like to know what happens.

So you target model with hit the deck and directly hut the model, instead it will be knocked down.

2 models with hit the deck are base to base with the model directly hit and 2 an inch away that do not have it

The 2 models not directly hit but with hit the deck rule are going to be ignored for determining who are hit next afrer the direct hit, thus causing the models without hit the deck to be the next eligible models

Does that answer the question?

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Ok. That matches what eldrak wrote above. Thanks.

It just confuses a lot that nowhere in the rule “directly hit” is mentioned. But the interpretation clearly makes difference between hit and directly hit.

So to further clarify, the 2 models with HTD that were ignored are completely unaffected. Not knocked down or anything else.

Is that right?

And if the model targeted were missed by the aoe (and it is in range) what would happen? Would it be knocked down or ignored?

Those 2 models are not hit by the AOE.

It will be knocked down as it is still hut by the AOE

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