AOE miss triggers "on miss" effects?


Text in AEO says “when an AOE attack misses its target and the target was within the attack’s RNG, the target is hit, but not directly hit by the attack, and suffers a blast damage roll.”

Question is: does the miss really happens (so effects triggered on a miss, such as Dodge or Fortune’s Path Command Card take place) or the miss really does not exist and only non direct hit applies (therefore no dodge, no arcana can be triggered)?

I always assumed the miss actually existed (dice were rolled, and… well it was a miss xD), but in the German Masters I was pointed out that I may be wrong due to the rule writing (miss becomes a non direct hit, therefore not a miss anymore, as a hit is not a miss per definition). And looking at the text, both interpretations could make sense.
So, can anyone give official confirmation on this?

Thanks a lot!

I believe this discussion contains an answer:

That discussion is a bit different, but concluded a miss can never be a critical hit, as it is a miss (considering AoEs)

Therefore your point is that it’s still a miss for all effects and dodge will be triggered. Correct?

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That’s how I understand it, yes. :slight_smile: The attack roll was a miss, therefore the model was missed by an attack.

Yep, that’s how I’d read it as well.

Yes, the target was missed and one of the results of the miss is that it is indirectly hit by an AoE attack. Other results of the miss apply as well.

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So if a target model is missed by an AOE and dodges away, does it still take the blast damage roll if it is no longer in the range of the AOE weapon?

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Based on how I read the text, the range is determined at the time the attack is made and not re-checked when resolving blast damage.


That makes sense to me logically.

Kapoteeni is definitely correct. AOEs are very different now when you get down to some of the edge-case interactions. The only time weapon RNG ever interacts with an AOE is in Step 3 of the timing chart.

Yep, it’s odd, but how it works.

AOEs that miss will trigger “on miss” triggers.


Yes. RNG doesn’t matter after the target has been checked to be within RNG.

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