Help to go to and event!

Strangely enough i May be able to attend a tournament . I would be able to use One of those army, althought i lack practice. So for those more on the game, which One of those would be a Little more forgiving?( Beware, i am going to be stampeded brutally, i know, but being very busy i Will like and enjoy some game :grin::grin::flushed:)

Convergence di cyriss
Talon charter
Final interdiction
Legion of dawn
Shadow retribution solo mage hunter
Storm of the North .

I have most of the pieces for those army but no colossal anyway.


In a tournament setting, the best advice is: use the army you know best. :slight_smile:

Knowing what your models do/can do is literally about 75% of the difficulty of tournament play. :slight_smile:

If you do not understand your army, you’ll feel undue pressure – both in cognitive load and time pressure – that will make the experience more stressful and less enjoyable.

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It’s difficult to tell, I’d go for the one with less special rules and weird stuff.

I’m not familiar with all those, maybe the Retribution ones?

Regarding the ones I have some experience with, I would say not Convergence (Induction mechanic tricky, easy for one wrong move to brake you while action plan) or Talion (solos not protected well enough can lead to a quick downfall).

Final Interdiction is somewhat straightforward, albeit not the most competitive. Storm of the North can also be played rather straightforward.

No idea about the Ret lists.

Michael had the best answer, but if you’re looking for a specific faction, I’d say Storm. There is a lot of diversity in how complex you can build them. You can make a straightforward brick with Borka or Doomshaper, or a more tactical list with Kolgrima

I’m going to speak up for my beloved Interdiction. I once won nearly every game of a tiny local tournament by simply beating my opponents on clock because my turns were so very fast. “Charge!” is excellent as a strategy on clock, even if it doesn’t always work when time constraints are looser.

Go forth and conquer for the glory of Menoth, deliver grace and charity to your fellow players, and have fun!

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