Favourite piece of Lore

I’m wondering what everyone’s favourite bit of lore about Worcester is … or if people are concerned about the lore at all?
(not judging just interested)


There’s heaps of great stuff in the thousand worlds book.

  • the 5,000 yr timeline is great, hinting at depths and loose threads for the future
  • I like the Empyrean story featuring Nyx and casual war crimes to save the day: it shows the other Empyreans as so callous they forgot that people are horrified at mass slaughter. While Nyx is horrific too, he at least remembers :slight_smile:
  • the wild card stories are fun, featuring Jax and Harlan

I’m not sure how much you’ve read (welcome), but there’s some good fan lore here. Arcanessesent time is a coloured re telling of the 5,000 yrs of history. Roadblock diplomacy is newest: pure high quality fan fiction of the right sort for Warcaster: featuring messy diplomacy and small scale espionage.

Tales of Jericho reach is linked here, featuring some short stories of a similar style to the ‘wildcards gone wild’ series from pp

And goes without saying, I am very interested in more lore :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been on Arcane-Synthesis, it’s kind of what got me started on this whole lore rabbit hole binge.

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“Echos of the flesh” definitely. The story mentioned before featuring Execrator Nix. It is just so wonderfully alien and fits the setting best.

I like the lore parts that lean into the supernatural. Like the weird stuff that happens when traveling through the warp. The phased dimension Sek used where is seem like he was senses sometime unnatural is another example. The void represents the a whole world of crazy stuff that can happen in the WNM. I want to run a ttrpg in this setting and this leads me to have more option with crazy monsters.

One idea I had was a ghost-like creatures “Echoes” similar to Phaethon’s ghost form. Not cannon, but I imagine Arc allows a person mental blueprint or “soul” to made in an ethereal form. These echo repeat or enact the last memories, behaviors, and actions of the person that died. Unlike ghost these are not the actually soul of a creature, but like a recording.

Another was kind a group of Arc deformed creatures called “horror” that where very lovecrafian in nature.

Yeah, that one was brilliant. It really depicts the Empyreans as utterly alien in the way they think and experience things. Makes floating-face Nix an identifiable character among the collective.

I also love the new mysteries created by 5000-year-old forgotten little details, such as a Cryxian soul cage, or a Convergence colossal. What seem like Easter eggs to those versed in the Iron Kingdoms lore are utterly baffling discoveries to the present-day inhabitants of the Thousand Worlds.

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I have to say I completely missed that reference :astonished:. Do you remember where it is mentioned?

It is in the Harlan Vek fiction piece where he is at an AC archaeological dig attacked by the Empyreans.


Ok i’m hooked now, where do I find all these stories, is it one the PP news page or somewhere else?

Most of them are from the Thousand worlds sourcebook. It is a really good dump of fluff, and includes all the rules and model cards to date

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Wow I never connected the dots :star_struck:!

That’s why I called a Colossal “a little detail”. You pretty much need to know what you’re looking for to find it.

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I am curious about the Khazars.

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Hard to say, but I really liked Mooregrave’s wildcard story, Axel’s was also really good too.

In a world where releases of print rulebooks are getting fewer and fewer and the content quality of a lot of the ones that are released are so-so, the Thousand Worlds book really is setting a great example.


True words. It’s a really beautiful book, and I’m positively surprised by how much content they were able to fit in it.