Gen Con Monster Mission Rules Availability?

Last I heard, PP hosted a “Monster Mission” event at Gen Con. Is there any chance, we could get the rules for that event posted, to play it on our tabletops :japanese_ogre:?


I had an article ready to go, and was going to put it in the queue… but what the heck: enjoy


Very nice, thank you for sharing :pray: :japanese_ogre:!

I love the concept of “void wraiths”. It makes you look at deploying new troops to the game board differently. Those guys have traveled through the void after all and were lucky not to be nibbled on by a wraith.

I wonder whether this could be made into a fun environmental effect:

Void Wraith Presence: Whenever you deploy a model, a void wraith nibbles on it. It suffers a POW 2 damage roll.

(POW 5 appeared too harsh)

Just note: that was a highly experimental version of the Void Wraith. Don’t get too used to it.

Source: I was there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing! How did the mission play? Any first hand experience :thinking:?

The Void Wraith had a few typos that made it to print. :sweat_smile:

The absolute biggest things you Absolutely Need to Know™:

  • Each player can only have one on the table at a time
  • They’re not supposed to affect Void Gates

That’s the big stuff.

If that Matt-Wilson-teased monster from way back when has anything to do with this thing, I’m guessing they’ll undergo a couple playtest cycles before seeing general release.