Arcane Synthesis: weekly content for Warcaster

Here I will put weekly updates from Arcane Synthesis: which aims to keep a steady stream of community written content and keep the discussion going.

Feel free to post thoughts and responses here. I have held off advertising here because I don’t want to spam the board, and also not sure how many people here are already seeing my posts on discord and Facebook.

Most of Arcane Synthesis is not written by me, but from people who want to share something related to this game and world. If you have something exciting you want to write, let me know and I’d love to have you on board.

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Latest article was a sensational short story sent to me through Facebook. I loved it and hope you do too: it’s messy politically and underhanded in the way the best warcaster fiction is.

In a world of political intrigue on the planet Bilayel, a skilled sniper named Kelt is tasked with unmasking a traitor


Thanks need some WNM simulation

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That was VERY good! I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Arcane Synthesis presents a new skirmish scenario from the Vancouver play group: designed for pendulum style play, it has a nice balance between careful defensive play and big, bombastic end runs.


This week on Arcane Synthesis: analysing links between the new War Machine Khymera faction, and the unannounced “Faction 6” for Warcaster Neo Mechanika. Interestingly the ‘Omens’ prophecy for Warcaster could also be a nod to the Omen of Everblight herself - Saeryn - who slipped through a portal at Hengehold and could be making her own dragons now. What do you think?

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Very clever thought :thinking:. I am not convinced that the double logo is something else than the two armies of the faction. However the parallels between “omens” and “the omen of Everblight” is striking.

I so much wish this is true and faction 6 is a scify alien dragon mix faction!

I have had a similar thought, though in the new warmachine lore they described her as fizzling like water upon molten material when she attempted to enter the gate, and her consciousness is definitely in the athanc on caen in some capacity. I could see it as an au or potentially copied consciousness sort of situation