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So I finished the Warcaster big book and man, Warcaster lore is fire :fire:.
How many of you yearn to lore up but haven’t? Tell me your tales of sorrow and feed the Dark Triad.


It is very intriguing. The focus on history and empires that have died makes you wonder what callbacks are planned. And there’s a lot of commentary on the empires: especially ISA and Empyreans: a strong inside / outside dynamic that borders on fascism: join us or die.

If you’re keen for more, there is a bit of fan fic and analysis on

There was also a bit of lore released through other sources: mainly the wild cards gone wild series and faction insiders. I think there was an index created somewhere with links to everything, but most of it is here
Scroll to 2022 for wild cards gone wild, and mid 2021 for faction overviews

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As one Immoral Weaver to another.

I agree.

The Eschaton will happen and I’m here for it.
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The Thousand Worlds is one of the most beautiful sourcebooks I’ve ever seen. Loads of lore, including some colorful Easter eggs for Warmachine/Iron Kingdoms players, as well as cool artwork.

It’s a pity the launch coincided with the pandemic, so the game didn’t gain the momentum it would’ve deserved. It certainly seems like PP has/had many ideas going on with the setting, but not the resources to make them come true, especially with the relaunch of their flagship game.

Warcaster has incredible potential as a science-fantasy setting. I hope PP will have more opportunities to expand upon it.


I think Privateer Press announced a relaunch of Warcaster in late 2024. Which is a good move.

Warcaster players will be down and by building their Warmachine audience, there might be some cross over players.


Here’s what they said:

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The lore is great, but sadly there isn’t anything for current events in the galaxy. The start of our journey as warcasters pretty much start with the return of the Empyreans in full force. There a lot to explore, I just hope we get to.


Referencing @Michael 's post, I think we will. For right now I’m really just into painting :paintbrush::art: models , collecting what I can before the new release cycle, and really learning the game.

A tall order.


There’s a lot there, but there doesn’t yet seem to be a strong storyline in the current timeline.
Referencing wmh: there’s no Llael or Thornwood, or civil wars to force factions to fight over a common place. There’s also no main characters really leading the battles.

I think it will come, as there’s a lot of background and some significant events with return of Empyreans, the exiles and lost Legion. I just hope there’s a world that becomes a flashpoint and zoomed into a bit more detail

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Iron Star Alliance is bringing allot of democracy to the Marches and secular standards to the Aeternus Continuum.

I love the lore, aestetic and setting of the game so much! They hit it on the spot for what I want from a SciFi setting (and game actually!)


Some of my favorite art Privateer has ever done.