Explorers of the motherland recaps and others(FMF/2012/2D6)

Good idea, thanks for the compliment, i will do it next tine, thats unfortunamently at the end of the month

I’d like to link to the recap PDF of an IK one-shot adventure I ran via skype a few years ago here. The linked PDF is a more detailed version of the recap, including details on characters and their actions and some of my thoughts on how well the game ran:

Mechanikal Relics
The adventurers were hired to do a simple mail run, picking a delivery up from a travelling contact of their employer, who had unexpectedly fallen ill and was bedridden. However, upon reaching the town where they were supposed to meet, the place was in lockdown, after the contact - a Radiz travelling band - had killed the local smith by suborning his steamjack.

Examining the evidence, the group found hints that there was different foul play at work, and went after the Radiz, who were still camping nearby after having fled the town. The Radiz were equally upset, claiming innocence of the charge, but when the adventurers talked to the chief, he realised the parcel he’d been supposed to hold for his patron had gone missing, but revealed that the parcel’s content seemed to have rendered his son demented, which had also engendered a violent argument with the town smith.

Seeing the smith as the connection between the events, the adventurers returned to the town and followed the trail of the still missing steamjack into the forest, only to find it in pieces. The group was then attacked by mechagargoyles, flying mechanikal constructs of the initial Clockwork Renaissance, and after defeating them followed their trails to a nearby ruin, where more of the constructs were waiting. After setting up traps, the group then defeated the rest of the mechagargoyles and investigated the ruin, finding a woman hiding in the basement. After overpowering the stranger with the aid of a well-tossed concussion grenade, the group then found the missing package in the basement room, which contained a strange clockwork contraption that seemed to have a form of hypnotic effect on onlookers. After finding an icon of a Thamarite scion on the woman, she was then forced to admit she was a worshipper of the Dark Twin, and that the clockwork contraption was a puzzle box linked to Scion Nivara which was supposed to teach basic mechanikal principles - not an evil artifact as such, despite its link to a scion, but it did have the side-effect of maddening anybody who failed to solve it, as the Radiz chieftain’s son had unfortunately done since he lacked the magical aptitude required to understand the puzzle…


Still waiting for more campaign updates from you, @Gabrieljusti … in the meantime, one more scenario summary from me, with the long form in the PDF linked in the title, and a short summary here:

A Milk Run Gone Sour
The adventurers were hired by a pair of traders to guard a supply caravan to a mining community recently set up in Caerly’s Crag, with the caravan’s prize cargo being a mining steamjack.
After an uneventful journey up the Black River, the caravan disembarked at the small outpost of Lowe’s Point on the river’s eastern bank and prepared for the trip into the mountains. During the night, there was a disturbance, and the group apprehended a farrow who had tried getting into the caravan’s supplies. The group also noticed strange flashes of lightning over the mountains in the distance.
Over the next days, the group made its way into the mountains. On their way they found a battle site with the corpses of dead blackclads and their soldiery strewn about, and kept seeing strange lights in the distance at night. They were also ambushed by more farrow, but managed to thwart the trap before it could be sprung.
Reaching the mining town, however, the caravan found it completely deserted. Searching the area, the adventurers found the mine, but no evidence of where the miners had gone. One of the traders, however, saw the golden opportunity to claim the abandoned mine and fortified town, especially when an alchemist with the traders confirmed there were valuable materials to be claimed in the area.
During the next night, however, the town was attacked by druidic wold constructs, who seemed to behave erratically in ways that defied explanation, and did not seem to be acting under anybody’s commands. Despite some setbacks, the group managed to hold off the wolds and survive the night, and the next day they set off back to Lowe’s point, where one of the traders offered the adventurers future employment and even the chance of becoming stakeholders in the mine if he could persuade the mine’s older backers to sell their claims to him.


We will be playing again in the 28th of this month(scheduling as adults is hard, and the game master only feels confortable gming once every two weeks, and this weekend she’s traveling back and last weekend was mothers day) we only play once or twice a month


I should note: if you or someone in your group would like the 2012 IKRPG books? They are for sale at DriveThruRPG!

I do believe it’s all the books plus some free stuff. Getting used copies isn’t super hard last I tried. I think my favorite part of the PDFs is simply copy and pasting abilities into a text editor then adding to a character sheet* or cheat-sheet. Nice and quick.

*I use Affinity Publisher as my digital character sheet and LOVE IT. Granted, that’s kind of being silly but hey, it works.

Here am i again to retell what happened in my session today
-they try to aproach the wold guardian but it aggros, then katiucia(greylord/ice sorcerress/warlock(circle))sneaks and maneges to pass on the test, but she cant bond with the woldwatcher, so we destroy it and drag the evidence to the institute
-we are called to inform that it was authorized and funded (by third parties)the research and development of a new cortex type, a cortex that could house a ghost, katiucia voices her worries about the project, and the winter gryphon gains its “carry case” a reinforced transport waggon with an opening ramp that could be opened both from inside and outside
-a month passes and is time we make to ohk, in the train we are acompanied by plamia(kossite) and 11 gobbers being 2 children and a baby, on our voyage we scare off the gobbers and we get stared down by plamia, by telling tales of possible misshaps that could lead to a train wreck
-in ohk our first night is used on personal stuff such as drink tasting, gambling, buying conserved food and attempting to gather intel on the servitor, circle and the gryphon etc…
-the second day is used to gather more intel on the 2nd border legion, with a former merc a trollkin called duncan, we meet him on his workplace and he tells us to meet him in a bar called “the balancing galleon” later that day

  • the balancing galleon is literally a big ship that was hoisted over a buildingwith structural suports added
  • the adventures at the balancing galleon start when a drunk hits on katiucia and is insistent until giovana(knight/highwayman) gets tired of it and intimidates the guy who falls on his back and fails to get up
    -duncan arrives and we sit to talk, so we ask about the 2nd border legion, he is helpfull, but not a lot, so we chalenge him to an arm wrestling competition, dimitri(warcaster/ironfang) loses but giovana wins, than she challenges him to a fistfight, she loses (due to dice betrayal)than dimitry tryes his luck, and he also loses.
    -after that he’s more cooperative and tells us the name and location of a trollkin warlock called alecha and in wich kriel she resides, and he passed the contact of his old mercenary troup and they could take us to uldenfrost even in the winter for a good amount of coin
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Adendum: the greylord chappel of ohk and the institute of technologies of new vroggen have a little academic rivalry, so dimitri(warcaster/ironfang) sugested leaving a sack of flaming shit on their doorstep

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I’m sure Dimitri can come up with something even more creative, maybe a little iron fang charge to make this idea really fly… :stuck_out_tongue:

And stress out katiucia the party leader, since she does want to keep climbing the ranks, so she can get landed and retire to breed and sell birds of prey, and gryphons, now(last 3 months in game) thats shes a warlock, yeah, she would love for dimitri to use his creativity to antagonize other greylords

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So next session if nothing happens is planed for the 25th of june

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So for context i will post the recaps i found on facebook here
(IKRPG 2D6)So i played yesterday, and things happened, a little bit of context, first we were in a orgoth outpoust that had some magic bullshit happening with it, like pasing 2 months in the external world and only 2 and a half hours for us where we fought a excriciator and two bestial huge dread(huge specimen) and ouer borrowed juggernaut was almost destroyed so Dimitri(ironfang warcaster) decided to allow Singrid(the gost tha is haunting him) posses the warjack destroying its cortex but reparing the body, and Giovana(i dont recall the carreers) was transported to us by the wanderer(she missed a session), and we found a laboratory where we proceded to loot everything that wasn’t nailed down, now thateveryone os caught up here comes the highlights of the session:
-we explore the outpost and find a huge room with a skull of a troll king or a giant.
-we found an exit but we were in a snowstorm so we electedto explore further
-during the exploration we got ambushed by the asshole excritiator and after a little bit of anouance we kill the ghostly bastard
-we blow off the watch tower door open and we cant see because of the mentioned snow storm
-we camp in the god forsaken building, but my character katiuscia(sorcerrer(ice) greylord) dets anxious to exit
-after we escape the outpoust we make ouer way south
-12 hours in Katiuscia fells drawn away from the path by something
-she finda a winter griphon(homebrewd) and by some miracle bonds with it, and she’s a circle warlock now

  • we get ambushed by winter argusses(argusi?) and i make a will chec simce my character is afraid of dog like things
  • we kill the foul beasts and find a village
    And here is a drawing of the winter gryphon made by my girlfriend and game master (instagram @gma.julia)

    So we played(2d6) yesterday some highlights:
    -We make the kolodum that cares for the greylord chappel in hoarstone keep by being nice Guests.
    -we make our way to skirov to skirov to get a train to return to new vroggen.
    -in the way we stop at my characters old village, and ohh boy a fee things happened there.
    -first one of the guys who released dogs to kill my character when she was young was there and that triggered anxiety on katiucia that frenzied her gryphon that tries do break its cage and fails but that causes a comotion.
    -katiucia goes to her grandmother’s(adopted) house that was abandoned, in disrepair and vandilized, so she has an emotional scene(wich is a rare moment for her)
    -we get to skirov and board the train and things goes smothly, with the exception of giovana bribing dimitri’s haunter Singrid for gossip, bribed the ghost with what? Well by showing her tits(yes she is played by a female friend)
    -we return to new vroggen and there is a reception to greet us, the staff of the institute of sciences of new vroggen(homebrewd by the game master), and relatives of some characters.
    -there is a party a few days later there was a party to celebrate our retun and the revelation that giovanas older sister and Pavlushshenka’s older brother relationship.
    -in the party we meet the weird 5’6" otter monster that a group of gobber brought with them.
    -after the party dimitri gets laid by his romantic interest
    -and troy gets visited by the winter guard mouse phantasm

    So we played last sunday, some highlights:
    -we will have no mission for 2 month since khadoran winter is harsh and explorations are even more dangerous.
    -Troy(explorer/stone sorcerer) was visited by thre winter guartd mouse phantasm and asks katiucia(ice sorcerer/greylord/warlock circle) about it, she can confirm its grymkim bulshit but cant say more th that
    -yeva(ranger/guide) mentions about a especific festivities near our location that we may be able to gather information
    -we are introduced to lirio(field mechanic/explorer(i know because i helped him create the character sheet)) and the lady koldun’s assistent informs that we are going to work with this new person and pays us for the last job(300 koltinas).
    -new guy is a cunt and refuses to interact with us
    -katiucia with the help of a teacher of the institute starts to train winter claw(winter gryphon), but wu get to close to the border of uld vroggen and we get a visitant, a faceless aparition that spooks us attempts to steal katiucias face but soon vanishes.
    -we have a sparing match free for all game(special weapons that deal no damage, special spell that deals no damage) where pavlo(greylord/aristocrat) wins (figures tha caster with banishing ward where the highest defense in the group is 15).
    So here am i again with a session recap
    -there were we at the homebrew event nakedfest on ice
    -dimitri(warcaster/ironfang) wons the swiming race and was granted 500 gold coins and a casket of vodka, aditionaly after the race he saved a drowning man named tryggvi
    -We scatter to gather information on grymkin sice two of the characters made contracts with the defilers
    -troy(sorcerrer stone/explorer) wins a drinking competirion with a trollkin named gerda and gets a contact in okh
    -pavlo(aristocrat/greylord) helps tryggvi and is informed to contact a warcaster from the 5th border legion in uldenfrost
    -katiucia(greylord/sorceress frost/warlock circle) meets one retired greylord who saved her life when younger and is informed to avoid meeting the circle, and isntead find a dhunian shaman, and to speak with the 5th border legion on uldenfrost or at the south of the thornwood
    -those are the ones who found something after that we recive the news that sergey, troys uncle sufferen an “acident” and was in critical condition, we go to korsk so troy can see him
    -after that we have a discussion about what to do next and we decide to do nothing until further instructions from the higher ups
    -last thing to happen was giovana’s first horse flora dies in a very mysterius way by being drained of life
    You know the drill here it is the short(is) bullet points of my last sesion
    -Giovana(i dont recall the carrers) goes to see her younger brother thats freaking out, and gather information of what he has seen and he informs her os seeing a flaming emaciated horse like creature escaping the body
    -Katiucia(greylord/sorceress(ice)/warlock circle) is calls the winter gryphon and he comes back with a present a deactivated accretion servitor
    -we are called in the middle of the night to investigate giovanas horse wich we do and find our that what came out of the mare was a frightmare and the horses lungs are darkned and coated in an explosice oil that leaves a pumpkin smel after being burned
    -we are debriefd about a simbol we found on a few orgoth artifacts we gathered in past missions by robert giovanas father and to sumarize it the simbol was from a cult of orgoth “scientists” and one of them on especific left a journal, where it discussed creating dreads with native orgoth beasts and some scribles of “more power less control” and “indestructble but uncontrolable”, ohh and roberts son(the same one from before) was possesed a few weeks had a “possetion” where he screamed in orgoth" the avenger shall punish the rebelios slaves from the north"
    -and the last thing to happen was we opened the servitor and it had a container inside, in the comtainer was a drawing of a stylized bird, exactly the same as katiucias pendant that she had since birth
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Seems like it’s been a good season for plot ivy :slight_smile:

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Plot ivy, thats new(never heard that before), i am glad my(horrible) recaps are entretaining you folks

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So we played today, and ohhh boy it was a blast:
We resume were we stoped in the balancing galleon ,talkink to duncan e cant get any more usefull information out of him, so giovana(knight/highwaywoman) goes to dance, dimitri(warcaster ironfang) gets a drink to soothe the pain of his loss to duncan in the match, troy(explorer/sorcerrer(stone)) goes to rhe bow of the galleon to avoid drinking, and katiucia(arcanist(greylord)/sorcerress(ice)/warlock(circle)) asks pavlo(arcanist(greylord)/aristocrat) and dimitri what they did in their Rastovik tours of dutty, pavlo did mostly diplomatic missions il llael and dimitri did escort missions in khadorsted, then she asked troy how he wasnt recruted in to the greylords covenant, he didnt have an answer for the question, after that interaction we returned to the tavern where we were staying.
The next day pavlo had an errand to run, present the institute to a nobble that was enroling on it, on the same day winter claw was restless, to long locked up on his “Carring case”, so the group opted to split up after a brief spat to see who would go play with the gryffon and who would kiss up to a nobbes ass it was decided pavlo and giovana went to the longhouse, and katiucia dimitri and troy went to the woods.
On the longhouse the matriarch is a cold hearted bitch, but her grandson, the one whos going to the institute is nice enough, and giovana makes a friend with the retainer of said noble, meanwhile in the forrest we reach the edge and release the gryffon, deed is done, now is just wait, no, we go in and play with winter claw, when he sneaks up and ponces on troy, and shenanigans insue, such as knocking dimitri down and draging him on the ground, trowing a freshly killed rabbit on katiucias face, so we retur to the tavern a complete mess, dirty and wrinkled clothes, snow and dirt everywhere, twigs on hair, but happy, so 4 out of 5 had a good day.
That night all hell breaks loose, a group invades the tavern we are staying to kidnap us, we are woken up by singridi(friendly ghost that haunts dimitri) screaming: “there is someone invading the tavern!” First thing that happens is that while we put our gear, the gryffon gets out of his “carring case” the assailants try to knock him out with knoc out gas grenades, they fail, the winter claw mauls one to death and prety badly the other and than he made haste to the second floor, the enemys flooded the second floor with knock out gas and than initiative was rolled for us, so dimitri rushed outside struck an enemy, failed to kill(the enemys had far more health than they had any right, but this made the combat super enjoyable), after that an enemy knocked him out fast fowarding unrill troys turn, he opts to cast spliting earth on the wall of his room, hiting 4 enemys and cuting the way of reinforcements

But that also was seting fire to the wooden second floor,we discover that someone is paing 1000 gold coins for each one of us, fastfowarding a bit more, troy jumps out of a window and a spectral giant crow glides him to safety, and giovana humiliates herself in a attempt on intimidate where she babble incorrerently while snot poured from her nose and their get away driver escapes.
In the end we discovered we were not the only targets and they maneged to kidnap dimitris girlfriend.

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I forgot to mention troy’s stunt with earth splitterhe burned a hole trough the second floor’s floor and celing a hole and in the first floor created an awfull pile of burned wood, corpses and dimitris stuff

Firstly, could I remind you that maybe it’s a good idea to caption pictures so those of us who weren’t in the game session can tell what is happening where and to whom?

Secondly, I’d also like to suggest a few ways to structure the recaps better.
To begin with, maybe putting a list of characters with their careers at the beginning of the recap is a better idea rather than putting all that information in the text, as it makes the sentences in which you do it hard to read.
Furthermore, could you try breaking down sentences more instead of adding more and more sentences to the initial sentences with commas (and maybe be a bit more careful to capitalise names so they stand out from the rest of the text)?

For example, instead of the single sentence

you could break the same information down into

‘The next day Pavlo had an errand to run - he had been asked to present the institute to a noble who was considering enrolling in it. However, Winter Claw was also becoming restless from having been locked up in his “carrying case” for too long. After a brief spat about whether to play with the gryffon or kiss up to a noble, the group decided to split up: Pavlo and Giovana went to the longhouse to talk to the noble, while Katiucia, Dimitri and Troy went to the woods with Winter Claw.’

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I will try to do better at the next recap, thanks for the feedback, i’m not the best writer so i struggle quiet a bit and i do those as soon as i can so i forget as little as possible and even then i forget stuff, but once again thanks for taking time and reading