Everblight DEAD!?

I got the new Lost Pages book. Is Everblight dead and if not, any word on which warlocks haven’t become a meal?

Which book are you talking about, exactly?

I actually didn’t know that existed until now. :slight_smile: So… I don’t know what it says!

In the exact moment of the end of the HengeHold battle, Everblight is still “online” on Rhyas, and only after she merges her athanc shard with Saeryn’s one (which is cleaned/corrupted by Cyriss) they disconnect.

Weeks after, Lylyth and Fyanna are arounf the rests of the battle tracking Rhyas and wondering about the disconnection.

So, “Everblight” itself is, since it did the Athanc Shards thing, more a concept than a physical being. As long as a single shard of the Athanc exists, there is an Everblight. Less powerful, probably, but Everblight nonetheless.

So, other than they updating the lore, Everblight is around somewhere (“in the cloud”, following the computer analogies that sorrounds the Athancs), but is not offensively attacking anyone in great volumes. The dragon itself could choose to form a physical body again, or keep trying to make a new body host like Kallys more adequate to hold the main Athanc Shard that is/was inside Thagrosh, as Thagrosh will some day be unable to hold that much power.


Where is that from? I don’t see it in the store.

It’s part of the most recent Kickstarter. Fulfillment is happening now. It should show up in the store soon

As far as the story with everblight, this week’s app update included a compendium article for shadowflame shard that explains some history of the dragons. It explains a bit about what’s gone on with everblight leading up to current events. You do have to be a subscriber to read it

Is there any word on which Everblight casters are still around? The book does mention that some casters have become dragon food after the Dragon War and Hengehold. And I’m sure that Khymera has absorbed some too.

Everblight might be around, but man, he’s probably spread real thin.

I wonder if this is what leads to Everblight putting his mind in a Cyriss Constellation and going full Skynet in the Riot Quest.

Not that I’m aware, probably they would define as they advance Khymaera plots and if that Convergence story is intended to continue.

As the recent fluff says, Rhyas spent a lot of energy creating her Warlocks, and the way they found to replenish that is by absorbing other shards from Everblight’s Athanc.

Also, it seems that Kallus was sent far away, so a future pure Everblight Army may feature whatever group they have there.

I have never seen an authoritative citation for this, and in fact, I think this discussion has occurred before. Where was this information presented?

It is one of the Insiders. Until PP decides to get an intern to plug away on a lore wiki rivaling the Lexicanum, the PP will lore will be spread out, disjointed, and esoteric.

I’m not sure how you’d justify the ROI on that, unfortunately. Probably be cheaper to become a sponsor of the Warmachine Lexicanum than to have someone work on it.

I’ve read almost all of it, excepting mostly the D&D 5e content, and I don’t have a clue what you’re referencing. :slight_smile: I only bought a handful of the Riot Quest models, so I haven’t seen those fiction blurbs on the cards. But other than those few items from the past few years, I’ve read almost all content they have ever produced.

Does anybody else remember this? Because a solid 20 minutes of scrolling through Google search results from home.privateerpress.com and also searching every post tagged with “Insider” containing the keyword “Everblight” are coming up dry. :slight_smile:

If memory serves, it was on mekanolyth’s store listing (of all places), but that’s down now so hard to confirm

Edit: so found the description I remembered in way back machine, turned out quite the opposite of telling everblight’s connection, it seems to confirm it being unknown

And that is why PP needs an intern to plug away on an official Wiki lore page for their old lore. Hunting down lore should be easy instead of tearing multiple layers of media. Even for content creators and spreading content this would be helpful. There is a reason why 40k and DnD lore content is so prolific on YouTube, it’s so easy to find and navigate.

That’s why if someone says “cite this” I give it about two minutes and give up. There is no ratio of time to value pay off. Even if I ran a dedicated lore channel, the effort of digging through so many layers of unhyperlinked media for old lore bits lessens the pay off.

yep, lore wiki(s) would be awesome. I would even pay for a compiled book (make it to kickstarter, maybe?) or to put compiled/rearranged lore-focused entries in the App (now that is not forced to download everything), but a really usable wiki would be nuts.


I finally got to reading the Lost Pages, and the way I read it, there’s a strong implication that Everblight is still very much around, only in a diminished state. The entries for Blighted Ogrun refer to Thagrosh in the present tense, implying that he still exists. Saeryn and Rhyas obviously went on to create their own Faction, and apparently the Dragon Alliance has managed to munch on some (unspecified) warlocks.

Everblight simply got greedy and careless and used his Legion too conspicuously, which led to various factions kicking their asse(t)s. But, although the Legion seems to have lost much of its military power, the sneaky little brother dragon still exists within Thagrosh, and whichever warlocks survive.

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I wonder what Everblight is planning. It’s not unusual for him to go dormant during times of danger and then go find another scam.