Electroleaps caused by weapons and incorporeal model interaction

Electroleaps from magical weapons do not damage incorporeal models. Spells will.

Facebook ruling…

Electroleap says it arcs to the nearest model (not non-incorporeal model), so it still arcs, just doesn’t damage the incorporeal model.

Incorporeal says it is immune to non-magical damage.

Magical weapons do cause magical damage,

but the arc or electroleap from the weapon is not magical.

Which is what the “rule as it was ruled in former editions” ruling in this post means:
Does an Electro Leap become magical damage if you play the Blessed card?

Just capturing here, because searching it out on fb and discrd is hard.


Also applicable, Direct Current, and other generated “suffer damage” effects that are not considered to be attacks, and are not stated in their text as magical.

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