Does an Electro Leap become magical damage if you play the Blessed card?

If you play the Blessed card on a model with Electro Leap. does the lightning arc damage roll become magical damage?

Here’s Electro Leap, from Anson Wolfe:

Electro Leap damage is not caused by an attack.

Here’s the Blessing of the Gods command card:

I can’t immediately find a chain of logic that allows a non-attack damage roll to inherit weapon qualities, because the standard rules really only say, in a nutshell, “You benefit from weapon qualities when you make attacks.”

Arguing for “You get Blessed/Magic Weapon” ends up with silly implications, such as “I have weaponmaster on the weapon, therefore Electro Leap gets the weaponmaster die.”

There’s probably a much cleaner way to state this, but it’s not coming to me right away. I’ll happily leave this open for any Infernal or devs who happen to be nearby! :slight_smile:

And: Loren pops in apparently while my post is posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Weapon Master says that it gives an additional die to attacks, but Electro Leap is not caused by an attack, so Weapon Master does not affect electro leaps.

Magical Weapon does not directly say that it only affects attacks. It just says “This weapon causes magical damage”. So I guess the question is whether additional non-attack damage rolls specified in weapon ability text also count as damage caused by the weapon.

I don’t have an opinion here, I would just like to know how it works.

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Something odd is going on here, because I absolutely saw a reply from Loren earlier.

At any rate, Weapon Master was a poor example, yes, because it specifies “attacks.”

Damage Types are the only weapon qualities that don’t specify “attacks” somewhere, but regardless, I couldn’t divine any sensible logic that ties weapon qualities to a non-attack damage roll.

In past editions (with no relevant wording changes that I can find) Electro Leap and similar effects were treated as damage originating from the model, but not from its weapon (as it was not caused by an attack).

As such, they would benefit from buffs that modified the model’s damage rolls (e.g. Prey) but not from buffs that modified the weapon’s damage roll (e.g. Weapon Master, damage types, etc).

This did have the knock-on effect of losing a damage die when the originating model was a warbeast with a crippled Body, but not when originating from a warjack weapon with a crippled weapon location.

Food for thought, in case the current edition logic remains the same.

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That’s the same line of logic I had too. The Electro Leap damage is definitely coming from a model (because nothing says otherwise), but that’s as far as I could take it. :slight_smile:

That same logic and ruling from before still applies


Thank you very much! :smiley: