Can electro leap damage roll be boosted?

Rule under ‘Warjacks - Focus: Boost’ says the warhack can boost its attack rolls and damage rolls. So here is the question - does it mean electro-leap can be boosted? Lightning Generator rule of Firefly warjack had it written clearly in MK3 - unboostable damage roll. But there is no ‘unboostable’ word in MK4 rule.

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Looking at Electro Leap, it says unboostable there. So, I can only assume it is deliberate and from Electro Generator it would be boostable.

Lightning Generator and Electro Leap are not the same rule. Electro Leap says “unboostable” but since Lightning Generator doesn’t specify otherwise, it can be boosted.

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Which warjack has lightning generator? I know the storm strider does, but a warjack?

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The Firefly has it on its gun.

Maddox also has it on her gun