Dire wolf and Great bear recouring configuratiom

Hello all, i wanted to know if someone else had an unexpected “favorite” dire wolf or great bear configuration? Mine is the dire wolf with the shield guard head(1 pt) cannon(5 pts) and a plow shield(4pts), is a nice shield guard bot that sits b2b with the caster(anchor and girded) with a decent pow gun to contribute to the game for a grand total of 10 points


That sounds solid!

I don’t have a favorite yet, so I can’t contribute much else!

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Thats my favorite in list building and theory, that is always the first jack i add, those who know me will understand how surprising and uncaracteristic that a defensive/fire suport piece is the first thing i add

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I like the bombard on a similar build! I haven’t tried this yet, but I have a “chilldozer” build I want to try. Basically deep freezer and dozer with the repo head. Weirdly fast with some interesting control elements. At 15pts I expect it to be more fun than good, but still I want to see what it’s like!


My personal Great Bear favourite has to be DAD (Slammer head, right arm battle mace and left arm heavy cannon shield). For the Dire Wolf is has to be DAC (Shield guard head, right arm bombard and left arm plow-shield).

Slamming is cool and so is a blast resistant shield guard. I have a longer argument here: The Greylord Archives: Winter Korps core army box, what can we build?

Edit: fixed error on Great Bear

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I use 2 basic builds for each Chassis.

I use the same Dire Wolf Setup that you do. Shield Guard Head, Shield Arm, and then either Cannon or Bombard.

The other Dire Wolf Chassis I use is Over Take/Path finder head… With Ice Hammer or Long Axe, and Scrap Saw.

The two Great Bear mixes I use are:

Slammer head, Battle Mace Arm, Blasting Fist

Agressive head, Battle Mace or Grinder Arm, Battle Axe or Blasting Fist.

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The most fun Direwolf is Flame Fist, Cannon and Evasive head.

It costs about 12 points which is far too many, but it’s all about fun. If you cast return fire on it too is fantastic fun. Not very good value. Bad value. But really fun.

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Both the Battle Mace and the Heavy Cannon is on the right arm though, so that combination is not legal. Do you mean the Heavy Cannon Shield?

Dire Wolf:
I absolutely love how tanky the Dire Wolf becomes with a shield, which often means the opponent has to commit a disproportionate amount of stuff to kill it. Shield Guard head is a no-brainer, but the right arm has several interesting weapon options that I rotate between depending on how many points I have available and what sort of role the jack needs to play. My fave is probably the budget Ice Hammer for a really solid melee weapon, or the Cannon for a great ranged weapon, and it keeps the cost down to 9-10p. Long Axe for hunting infantry is also good.

Great Bear:

Melee tank bear:
H: Aggressive R: Battle Mace L: Heavy Cannon Shield
Great for leading the charge and hitting stuff!

Budget melee bear:
H: Aggressive R: Battle Mace L: Blasting Fist
Great followup for the tank bear, or if you just need a melee beater at a budget.

Budget cannon bear:
H: Slammer R: Heavy Cannon L: Blasting Fist
Great for providing long range fire support at a budget, also limited melee power.

Full shooty bear:
H: Reposition 2” R: Heavy Cannon/Deep Freezer L: Dozer
Full focus on shooting, which it does really well, repo head helps to keep it safe after unloading.

The jacks and different loadouts really are the highlight of the Winter Korps imo :blush:


Absolutely! I really love our jack loadouts. They’re fun and stated pretty great from the baseline

I tried the chilldozer with boris twice. it gets quite focus hungry fast. Three shots with 3 focus you will have difficulties boosting the right one, especially as you migth aim for critical with the freezer.
The grinder can get really focus efficient versus heavies as you have the +2 to hit.


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Ooh I could see that. Jacks are still at a 4 focus cap correct? Empower being around can help with getting the focus there, but being focus hungry isn’t too surprising. That’s also a decent amount of points to commit to just one jacks output if I’m throwing the entire weight of the arcanists behind one

Arent jacks at a 3 focus cap and bonded warjacks can go up to 4?

Yes, thank you. I did mean the Heavy Cannon Shield. I’ll try to fix it.

3 is correct, I’m not sure why I always think it’s 4

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Several good ones on here that I use as well.

My personal MVPs (without a mace) are:
GB with Repo head (also Mage Static Head sometimes), Grinder and Blasting Fist.
GB “Slamma-Damma Ding-Dong” Slammer head, Heavy Cannon and Battle Axe. The ability to knock down targets for easier beatings is too good to ignore.

I have really been struggling with the Dire Wolf though.
So far I really only like the 8pt version with Baranova as a throw away unit for Arc Node. Otherwise I feel like I would almost always just have a Great Bear.

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Bonded jacks to 4? I have the impression you sticked to MKi a bit too long. :grinning:

I agree, the dire wolf is often a question mark… I take the long axe, shield option with ekatarina plus superiority but often you whised for another great bear with mace and shield… Dire wolf with RAT 6 would be another thing.

I think there is a good argument for a DAC Dire Wolf (Shield Guard, Bombard, Plow Shield) or DBC (Shield Guard, Cannon, Plow Shield). It is an ARM 21 (30 boxes) 'jack with Anchor, Shield Guard and Resistance Blast to those hugging it. Put it in the middle of a unit of Winter Korps or perhaps even Snipers and they get some protection while it also adds an extra shot. The Shield Guard can soak up annoying shots and the Resistance Blast can help the poor ARM 13 troppers. Perhaps with Ekaterina for the Arc Node.

Then, late game there is still a 'jack around to do a bit of damage.

That is at least my current approach.