Finding a use for storm vanes

Im struggling to find a use for the new storm vanes in the storm forge cadre. I see a massive amount of power and capability for everything in the set except the storm vanes. The only useful bit i can figure is the arc spells ability but that hardly seems necessary with the options already available. Any thoughts would be appreciated as with my current lack of need im looking to give these three models away to friend who just like to paint.

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The cheapest arcnode you can take is 7pts so they’re effectively cheap arcnodes with some different capabilities (pseudo windstorm is nice).

Seeing as how Jackhammer is almost an auto take spell rack option and being able to arc it without having your caster within 6" is nice.

They are an auto include in my current Wolfe list because running a jack into melee range of a caster and then arcing positive charge and jack hammer 6 times (power swell) will just win games.

They aren’t an auto include with every list but for sure have their uses.

If you can pull off their sprays, the timing resolution of spray + Electro Leap leads to some bonkers conclusions. :slightly_smiling_face: