75pt prime battle report - Winter Korps VS Brineblood Marauders

We received our new toys here in the low lands of Switzerland and had to test those.

Yesterday was Winter Korps’s Valerii VS Brineblood Marauders’s Firequill in 75 pts format. Lists were:

No grave but the sea!
Southern Kriels - Brineblood Marauders

Captain Firequill
SPELL - Black Spot
SPELL - Fortify

16 Deepbourne Dire Troll 1
2 HEAD - Bellower
3 FIN - Spearback
5 RIGHT ARM - Narwal Spear Gauntlet
6 LEFT ARM - Squid Blaster

11 Deepbourne Dire Troll 2
2 HEAD - Bellower
1 FIN - Minnow
5 RIGHT ARM - Narwal Spear Gauntlet
3 LEFT ARM - Shark Skull Gauntlet

9 Reef Troll
1 HEAD - Gunner
1 BOOZE - Grog Cask
4 RIGHT ARM - Harpoon
3 LEFT ARM - Ship’s Wheel

20 Magnus the Unstoppable

6 Marauder Crew 1
1 Marauder Crew Tapper 1
6 Marauder Crew 2
1 Marauder Crew Tapper 2
3 Pyg Galley Crew

1 Arcane Forces, Careful Reconnaissance, Hit & Run, Power Swell, 1 Take Cover!
Bulletproof - LaRoux
Khador - Winter Korps

Kommander Valerii Savaryn
SPELL - Fog of War
SPELL - Iron Flesh

8 Dire Wolf
1 HEAD - Shield Guard
4 RIGHT ARM - Ice Hammer
3 LEFT ARM - Scrap Saw

14 Great Bear
1 HEAD - Slammer
8 RIGHT ARM - Heavy Cannon
5 LEFT ARM - Battle Axe

4 Magziev Zariyah Volkova
3 Winter Korps Officer
11 Man-O-War Suppressors
7 Shock Trooper Gunners
7 Shock Trooper Pikemen
7 Winter Korps Infantry 1 (Rocketeer x2)
1 Winter Korps Standard
7 Winter Korps Infantry 2 (Auto Cannon x2)
4 Winter Korps Snipers
1 Winter Korps Hunting Dog

1 Arcane Forces, Break Through, Infiltration, Old Faithful, Power Swell

Firequill list was a test as not a lot of games with trolls yet. Valerii was a second test of the caster maximizing troops.


Troll was first player. (yes, sorry for the lack of full paint)

End of round 1 situation.
Trolls: One diretroll has fortify. Magnus upkeep on the big boy.
Khador: Fog of war is on. Iron flesh on the MoW. Battle plan shield guard on the MoW. Heavy canon with ancillary attack could already kill two marauders. Valerii stays brave behind a wall.

End of round 2 situation.
Trolls: Marauders killed 2 Shock Trooper Gunners (on the right out of picture)
Khador: Feat of Valerii with kill order Battle plan on dire troll (is it correct that I could make 3 kill order battle plans on feat turn?). Heavy canon shot twice with ancillary on Invictus (Is it correct that no knock down as invictus is large base but also extra large base?) . MoW make the maximum number of shots on invictus and the winter korps rocketeer finish it (and some marauders as well). The blessed weapon part of the feat is ugly. Left side of the board, some shooting and a charge of the Shock Trooper Pikemen is sufficient to remove the ARM20 dire troll (under kill order). Dire wolf has nothing to do. (error noted post game, pikemen should have been on the oder side to be within the 10” bubble of valerii kill order).
One scenario pt for khador.

End of round 3 situation.
Trolls: Firequill under feat and second dire troll wipe out the Dire wolf and pikemens. Magnus charge and destroy one MoW.
Khador: MoW and ancillary shot wipe out the light troll. Grat bear and winterkorp autocanon wipe out second dire troll. Only Firequill, Magnus and Marauder Crew Tapper (proxy) are left on the troll side.

End of round 4 situation.
Trolls: A KTC is attempted but with the wall and two focus, valerii is difficult to reach. Hellwrought was put by mistake on Magnus (not a cohort model) who could charge but not damage enough.
Khador: death by KTC of Firquill.

Khador firepower seems overwhelming as usual. Kill order and the blessed rfom feat really do some damage. But… need to see the same game with more fine tunn(a?)ed troll list.


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Yes, that’s correct. :slight_smile: His feat says that you can use his battle plans 3 times during his activation; it doesn’t say anything about which ones he can use or put any restrictions on it. :slight_smile:

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Interesting. I don’t want to be all “the brineblood battlegroup is all wrong” but i think you might have better luck running 2-3 reef trolls with cannons