[d6] Can you attack and move in any order?

Just a thought. In our group we move then attack, but not attack then move. I can’t find any rules for this, and wonder if it’s a holdover from another game we play. They’re both quick actions, after all.

Also, I’m half wondering about seeing if moving could be broken up or not. Granted, this is an Aristeia-ism where moving is more getting X-many moves to be used as desired so you can move 1/2 your movement, attack, then move the remainder.

From IKRPG, p. 205:

"A character can act before or after his movement. A character cannot interrupt his movement to act.
A character does not have to make his actions all at once and can perform them in any order. For example, a character could make a ranged attack, reload, move, and make another attack. (For more on multiple attacks, see “Attacks,” p. 207.)"

So you can either attack or move first, and you can attack, move, and attack again (as long as you can make more than one attack per turn). You cannot move, attack, and then move again, however.

And you’re right, there is a holdover from WarmaHordes, which had the Bushwacker rule that allowed some models to attack first and then move. This rule is not there in the RPG for the reason above, and I had fallen afoul of this confusion myself until another player pointed it out to me.

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Yeah, one of our GM’s sometimes gets confused between IKRPG d6 and Warmachine rules. It wasn’t so bad during Mk2, but throughout Mk3’s evolution? It could be tricky. I took to copy and pasting from my PDFs onto my character sheet so I knew what was what.