Brainstorming: Converting Company of Iron to Riot Quest rules

So, I like Riot Quest (even if my fellow players decided to all move to the East Coast). And while I like Company of Iron in principle? I would really like it more if it moved as fast as RQ did. And was as simple.

I’m wondering: what best be kept? Or kept out? I personally like free measuring for skirmish games but have also seen Battletech offer both hex and free-move variants. How would you equate things? Then the dice math would be an interesting thing to change.

Anyone want to go down this rabbit hole with me?

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I don’t want to try to develop anything, but I thought there was some potential in Compnay of Iron. Riot Quest isn’t my style.

I personally would take Company of Iron in a more RPG-ish direction, with individual squad members who behave like solos and who have their own upgrades and whatnot.

When Line of Sight did Warmachine content, they had a Mordheim-style campaign called Fallen Corvis. Something like that would be a nice starting point for this rabbit hole.


Kind of like Mordheim, Stargrave, Frostgrave, etc? That could be fun.

I kind of wanted to home-brew a Riot Quest campaign system of sorts but wasn’t sure how to do it.

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I think hex movement is best. Keeps the game unique from PP other products.

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I’d like something in the lines of co-op (or co-op friendly) boardgame-ish, maybe using Riot Quest world/timeline.

Something in the like of Zombicide, creating small bands of 2-4 figures, maybe up to 6, that can do missions, campaigns, some customization in form of equipment, etc, not-WYSIWYG at all, and that once done ot could easily use Warmachine models, maybe with just a port document/cards.

A post-apoc campaing in the style of 5 Leagues from Borderlands could be nuts, making settlements, alliances, customizing the evil rivals, etc, but it would be like 6000% more work.

I would love build something on top of Riot Quest.
Here are some random thoughts:
I’m a Cthulhu Mythos fan, so obviously I love Infernals.
I often play Arkham Horror (2nd Ed.), so killing cultists and closing gates feels natural.
Hex tiles would make things a bit faster.
And we could print hex template layer and hex terrain pieces using 3d printer.
You just put that on top of any game mats.
Would be nice to have colored hit/miss/crit dice to simplify the maths.
Ok, I’m stopping the unintentional rhymes now.
Attack and damage rolls are combined unlike Warmachine.
I’m also big on coop especially if winning is hard.
I would keep the model stats closer to Riot Quest, but each would have a cost.
You could play one or more characters and the total cost decides some difficulty.
No class like in RQ.
Converting Warmachine model card to this should be based on some rules with less skills.
You can create units by having more than one identical models.
They could benefit from stuff like shield walls, flank, etc.
Based on skill point cost, you could create your own character.
Large base and up occupy more than a single tile.
You could gain levels and skills a bit like in Zombicide.
You could find weapons
The enemy action should be based on rules that could easily fit on cards and each turn you draw.
Scenarios could also be based on round card where on certain round, something happens, like a new gate open, enemy reinforcements arrive or anything else.
You sometimes have limited time to accomplish things to keep a game to a maximum amount of time.
Campaigns you could play in multiple sessions. You start with a single character and when you save some folks they join your party. Each battle is difficult.
Something about “The Strangelight Workshop” would be nice.

Tomorrow I’m off, I could try, just for fun, to convert Cultist and Storm Blade infantry, print hex layer template, scenario cards and do a kind of battle report.

Couldn’t sleep, so I made this simple conversion sheet for models and weapons. I did not test it yet, potentially DEF and POW are not balanced and either models die too easily or never die, I’ll test tomorrow.

Aim and Charge would give +1 red die. Additional dice or boosting from other sources too.
There’s still a lot to think about, but this could be the start of something fun.

EDIT: SPD/RNG updates

Potentially keeping the CoI penality for 5 tiles or more by having one less blue die or something.



I still haven’t had the time to test this, but I feel like HP should be HP/2 rounded up and
pow probably doesn’t have enough dice, maybe group by 2 instead of by 3.

I’m also wondering if sticking to the damage or super damage only wouldn’t be better, sure would be simpler, but then high pow attacks are not as advantageous.

Should be able to test this this weekend.

A few moments later…

I did a quick battle test with units of Stormblade Infantry and Praetorian Swordsmen. It was pretty close, bad rolls by Cygnar and Skorne won. I then pit the swordsmen against a battle boar light warbeast. The warbeast really underperform even though it had 11HP. I then redid the fight but considering it could accumulate up to its 3 fury pts (like casting its animus, boost and add attack). It then tore through them. Using a minimum of 2 HP (to somewhat compensate for injury), it was closer and then it seemed like the one with the first attack won.

Just like CoI, using alternate activation is a lot more fun.

So I need to make more tests and try to convert more units.

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Something opposite of the Boss fight would be good, Mawg Swarm.

Some story mode missions would be cool too.

Maybe a revamp of Undercity but for RQ universe?