So we tried a new enemy health calculation(2d6)

My gm isn’t very good with large numbers of enemys, so last sesion she tried a new formula for calculating health of minion enemys, here it goes:
-Sum of the three main atributes + 2(you may need to atribute a value to them in some cases but in others it can be extrapolated from data on the sheet).
It made enemys more resilient and dangerous since they wouldnt just fold, it slowed down the game a bit but it made combat more fun for my group


The approach of adding the primary stats together (without adding +2) has also been used in some officially published materials (I don’t remember the title, but there was a scenario about cortex smugglers that used this system for some guards).

And yeah, large numbers of enemies are always a hassle in any kind of tabletop game, because it will always feel like the GM is roll-playing with themselves for extended periods of time (especially if the player characters have allies). It’s all too easy for GMs to get flustered by this, but it’s not the GM’s fault - we are just too used to playing computer games, where the computer does all the number-crunching for large groups of characters efficiently and quickly. There are lots of ideas for making such scenarios easier to run on the tabletop, but they always bring along their own problems, like reducing the others to mere numbers or rendering them and their actions largely ineffectual (which is a particular problem when using a battlemap system like the IK does; free-form systems do a little better with this IMHO).

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So it was already nearly a thing, i dont know from where she took the +2 but i will try it myself in the 9th of july in the first session of my new campaign, lets see if this one gets off the ground

I also usually recalculate the life spirals for creatures from their stats, adding +2 circles in each aspect for each base size category above small, but basing their Intellect aspect on PER instead (as that aspect would otherwise always be extremely tiny, and also nearly always identical). For the step to Huge base size, I’d probably add more damage circles, like maybe 4 per aspect, or potentially 5 each for PHY and AGL, and 2 for INT.

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Interesting, we didn’t crack the code on the foes with life spirals yet, yours might be a good solution

We do 10 for grunts, 14 for hard grunts, 18-24 for bosses. Straight vitality.

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Personally, I’d still prefer using vitality based on stats, and giving “bosses” endurance via their access to feat points (i.e. through the Walk it Off and Heroic Dodge abilities). I do agree that simply upping vitality makes for easy bookkeeping, but both I and the players I have played with appreciate that you can wear down aspects over time so even the toughest opponent usually cannot keep firing on all cylinder for the entire fight.

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