Company move and its effect

So i keep seeing that the company is moving and this has caused delays. Does anyone know where, when and how long this all will take? Dont get me wrong, my bank accou t is happy that i havnt spent money in a bit haha, but i want to spend money so… you know…


They stated they were moving at the end of June.

The Khador Expansion, 80mm solos, and defenses have all shipped to stores and are awaiting a release date. They are likely the July release.

Dusk starter is the next for printing once they get set up and is likely and early August release.

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Where did we hear that those had shipped out? I must have missed that announcement.

This is the most recent update from Wednesday.


Facebook they confirmed they were shipped internationally 3 weeks ago and we’re shipping local this week.

Want my Dusk models :weary:


I get you there, Cygnar, khador, dusk and orgoth all want my money haha

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I missed that announcement, thanks man

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Sweet, been needing my mini addiction fix

Thanks man, im really excited to expand my armies

Apparently they are already out in the wild, but no release date.


Nice. I remember that now, but kept looking here for more information.

I see that picture and want to stat them up in Battletech. At least 70 tons.

Gah, being old is so random sometimes.


Clan Star Adder forever

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They really need to put those on the site for those who are straying away from social media like myself.


Will the move prevent from ordering legacy models from the online store? They still seem to available there…

The latest information is that they are selling as long as stocks last. What’s in online store should be what’s still in stock.

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It might impact shipping time, but at this stage we have no idea or information.

I think they had a cut off for stuff they have to make. Their old manufacturing equipment isn’t coming along.

As we prepare for our upcoming facility move, we will end manufacturing of Legacy WARMACHINE and HORDES models as well as Riot Quest models made in cast metal and resin at the end of this week. After Friday, we will only be fulfilling online store orders with items that remain in stock and will be editing the online store as efficiently as we can to reflect what is available and what is not.

If there is a Legacy item you have been considering purchasing, we encourage you do so by Wednesday, June 14. While we still can’t guarantee it will be in stock, we will do our best to fulfill the order as long as we still have the manufacturing capability for these models.

I’d probably email for more specific questions. Include your order number! Just be sure to ask like you would want to be asked: whoever answers is up to their neck in work too!

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