Guard Towers & AoEs

So, I BELIEVE I know the RAW answer, but I just want to confirm.

If I drop an AoE3 on a model B2B with a guard tower and that guard tower has 10 models in it (5 small bases on each floor), those 10 models are all considered equidistant and B2B with the target I hit, so I would randomize the 3 models hit by the AoE and they would have blast resistance against the attack from the tower, yes?

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Yep, sounds correct.

I also agree. The models being equidistant is supported by the Vyros Veteran Leader example, where if the Guard Tower is in range, all models in the Guard Tower are in range.

You are correct in to how determine which models are hit by the AoE, but there is a small nuance to what you stated; the models inside the tower are not considered to be B2B with the model outside the tower. The distance between the model outside the tower and the models inside the tower is considered 0", but to be B2B requires the bases to physically touch each other (“Base-to-Base and Contact” rules).

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Sure. So Pyrrhus can’t be B2B with flameguard inside a tower while outside it. For the AoE determination, though it is a distinction without a difference.

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Correct. Pyrrhus is B2B with the tower, not the models in it.

I don’t think you can even be B2B with a tower. The rules for B2B require a model with a base. The tower is not a model nor does it have a “Base”.

The rules for buildings only uses the terms/phrases “volume”, “bottom edge of building”, “foundation”, and “a model in base contact with the door”.

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