If you were to run a Riot Quest RPG, what system would you use?

I’ve run a variety of games before: super heroes, scifi, fantasy, etc. I noticed that if I can have a bit more humor in a setting the happier I am as a GM. I’m look at Riot Quest and think it’d be a fun setting but I wouldn’t want to use D&D as the rules basis for it. Not that it’s bad but I want something more casual, you know? Obviously, I wouldn’t use HERO System for it.

I’ve looked at Fate Acclerated and that seems quite workable. Cortex Prime would be great if I could figure out how I want to assemble it (toolkit system, more narrative). Teenagers From Outer Space would be pretty easy, plus the “Over Doing It” rule would be a great fit.

How about you?

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I am out of the loop for the most current RPG systems it there. Ironically enough due to the over the top nature of the setting, mixture in technology and spells, and the setting itself existing because of a rift in reality from the Infernal invasion.

The best system might be Rifts. The Riot Quest setting takes place in a wasteland where the barrier between realities is thin so the setting is already Warmachine Rifts.

Maybe a Palladium and PP partnership is in order for a Riot Quest RPG?

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Rifts would be a fun setting to invade :slight_smile:

Kind of thinking Wu-Shu would be fun for a super light game. It encourages you to do crazy things like the movies, you know?

The 2012 IKRPG would work too. Just got to be clear on tone.

I think Savage Worlds or something with more than a dice mechanic would be fun to match the quirkiness of the game.

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Okay, I’ll be starting on a Riot Quest homebrew using Cortex RPG. Will post notes here. I’ll likely skew towards modeling it like Marvel Heroic Roleplaying from Margaret Weiss Productions (out of print, really cool game).

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