Battleforge Printable scenarios

I’m running an event on 12/30 that is using the battle forge scenarios. I can run them all from my phone but there’s going to be 8 tables and it would be nice to have some printed copies of the three scenarios I want to use. Are there printable versions of those out there? I know that kind of defeats the purpose of the Paywall/Subscription but thought there might be.


When I ran an event that used Battle Forge Scenarios, I did the following to create handouts. It takes a little bit of time but I couldn’t find anything better.

I take screen grabs on my phone of the rules and maps for each of the scenarios I wanted to use. Using my photos app (Photos on an Android phone), I copied the rules text from the images. That text gets posted to a google doc, and with some proofreading you can create a handout. If you want an example, PM me and I can show you an example.

As for the paywall/subscription thing: most of the people in my event were subbed, but having hard copies on the table really helps keeps the games going.

Thanks! I’ll try that. I only need three specific ones not all of them so It shouldn’t be too bad.

If there’s a next time for you, there’s a program in the windows store (Photo To Text OCR) that does this too and that with the Warmachine desktop app makes it much easier.

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I just tried Photo to Text OCR, and it is in fact much better than my whole process! I’ll be using this to make demo cards for an upcoming recruitment event. Thanks for sharing!

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