Printable card sheets for demos

We’ve received several requests for printable cards that can be used for demoing to new players who may not have the WARMACHINE App installed on a device. While we will have card ‘Print to PDF’ functionality in the app soon, we realize the need for a stopgap in the meantime, so have put together a PDF of all the Battlebox cards. It’s not a super elegant solution, but it mirrors what one sees in the app, so if demoing with these printouts, moving to the app should be visually familiar.

UPDATED 12-5-2023: Documents have been updated to include the leader cards from both the Core Army Starter and the Battleboxes as well as corrections.

StormLegion_v4.pdf (4.7 MB)
BrinebloodMarauders_v4.pdf (5.9 MB)
HouseKallyssPrintable_v3.pdf (4.9 MB)
WinterKorpsPrintable_v3.pdf (4.7 MB)
SeaRaidersPrintable_v3.pdf (4.4 MB)
ShadowflameShard_v4.pdf (4.7 MB)
DemoCommandCards.pdf (621.8 KB)


Thank you very much!

That’s quite helpful! :slight_smile: