Working on PF2e Homebrew

So, I’m slowly and surely working my way through making a home brew thing for Pathfinder 2e (my in person group hates 5e and I’m stubborn), right now my attention is on Adventuring Companies.

I wanted to incorporate some of the toolkits from the Gamemastery Guide (Organizations, Reputation, Library) and the “Free Archetype” rules. It seems to me that tying free archetypes to Adventuring companies is ideal. Clearly the PF stuff will get reskinned - Bellflower Tiller is really just a smuggler, for example - but for now I’ve just got the basics. Everything is available on the Archive ( for review.

Anyways. What are some additional optional features y’all would want to see in the various adventuring companies, or adventuring companies in general?

Adventuring Companies

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