Conversion of 5e to FMF (2d6Boost)

Did anyone make conversion rules to play with PP’s canceled in-house system that was much better (obviously in my opinion) than the 5e edition sold on ks?

I don’t really want to touch d&d with a 10-foot pole and the 2d6boost system is the only way i’ll play IKRPG, so i want to know if there’s conversion rules before i purchase the pdfs for lore content.


Firstly, welcome to the forums.

Secondly, could you be a bit more specific which areas of the game you would like to have conversion rules for? Since we came from the DnD 3.5 incarnation of the game, we have already been through a similar “conversion” process, and we mostly just kept the characters’ names and careers when doing the conversion and just rebuilt the characters from 15th level to 30xp (Which was probably not the best idea in retrospect, since we didn’t always know yet what we really wanted in the FMF system, and how it worked; 20xp would have been plenty and leave some important decisions still open).

The one other big thing we converted was me writing up two homebrew spells to give to our gun mage/arcanist, because those spells had not just become signature spells in his DnD incarnation but had also been of such pivotal importance at several points of the campaign that it just felt wrong that he suddenly couldn’t accomplish these effects any more.

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Are you asking for full conversion from 5e (or the old d20 system) to FMF? As in, all classes, feats, spells, equipment, magic items etc.? Because that’d be quite the heroic effort.

I ran the Witchfire Trilogy with the FMF rules, but what I did was basically take comparable Warmachine stats for monsters and villains, and tweak them a little to adjust the difficulty level. Some significant characters I built from scratch using the FMF character creation rules, trying to get the same feeling and combat style.

Since the two (or three if you count the old d20) game systems do very different things, a straight-up formula to convert one to the other doesn’t feel like a realistic prospect.

I’m not even sure it’s super necessary. Granted I’ve mostly read the lore bits of Requiem but skimming through it seemed like most of the mechanics in Requiem and B&B were 5e conversions of stuff that is already in FMF/2d6. I know a lot of stuff in the first Requiem Monsternomicon already has FMF or Warmachine Mk3 rules.

I am “converting” Legend of the Witchfire from Requiem to 2d6 right now. the reason converting is in quotes is because the process has been relatively painless. I take the DC’s in the story and compare them to the 2d6 TN’s and use like PHY rolls instead of CON. Every monster save for the big bad pretty much have a stat block in the old system already.

I like the time period that Requiem takes place in lore wise, makes for a more diverse party than in the previous edition. But Requiem didnt feel like Iron kingdoms the way 2d6 does so we went with that system.

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@Lewas5372 yeah, the 5e system doesn’t feel right for me either. hope your table has fun playing it. I shall take a look at that Requium edition.

@Kapoteeni tbh, i forgot the in-house system was based on their miniatures game, having not ever played it, and the ease of conversion from it to the TTrpg. Thanks for the reminder.

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