Ancient Avatars of Menoth.


I found old pics of Avatars that I converted. I thought I would share it here and maybe someone would be interested in such an archaeological topic.

Some of them, but not all, were posted on the old forum. I made a total of 10, maybe 11 avatars, a few were painted, the rest just converted.

The minis were created some time ago, so all the pictures were taken with a potato.


Wow, they are beautiful: both paint job and reposing

Out of curiosity, why did you end up with 11 avatars?

Awesome paint jobs! I love it! :heart_eyes:

And both really different approaches.

Thank you for sharing. You know we are curious now how the other nine Avatars look like? :wink:

Very cool. The weathering on the first one is awesome!

I was caught by account automatic hold up, here’s a follow-up.

All Avatars were commissions. I played Khador in Mk I-II, mostly Vlad1(had unhealthy fascination with Berserkers) and Old Witch, tried Zerkova.

Two more painted Avatars:


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Oh, these are beautiful! Were these for play? Or display? Customers didn’t say?

Avatar was one of the first Jacks i was interested in. These look great!

They look fantastic, that “dark” version is a very unusual take on Protectorate!

Dude, these are awesome!!

Thanks for all comments.
As far as I know all Avatars were made for gaming.

Here is conversion of white-blue one:

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Hope mods don’t eat me alive for multiposting.

Here is different Avatar, similar pose but tip of the sword is more refined:

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Fancy flaming sword:

(….to be continued…)


Wow, what technique did you use for sculpting those flames?

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Pictures look great, love seeing alternate schemes and custom poses.

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I am worthy now.

@ Decyne: I’ll try to explain it later, in short - I attached some worms made out of ProCreate.

More pics:


I made some “worms” with one end thinner, I gave them a wavy shape and attach them to the sword. First row of worms is the most difficult, when it completely hardens next rows wil lean against it so they will be easier to attach and shape. Last row (lower part) need to be smothen to the level of the blade. Worms that are touching each other may by melted together.

Thickness and lenght of the worms, number of rows depends on amount of spaceon the blade.

More Avatars:



Few pics of never finished step-by-step: