Ooops, all Trolls!

I have been painting and playing Trollbloods for a solid 6 years now (yes, I‘m a slow painter) and finished the last models just in time to get impatient for Brineblood Marauders…

Here is a little group picture and some detailed ones.
Would add some more, but only 5 are allowed per post :innocent:

I hope the new models will be just as fun to paint as the classic Trollbloods


That… is a lot of troll. And the paint job looks impressive too.

I was never a Trollbloods player myself, but the new Brineblood Marauders look so lovely that I just might. I have a decent-sized Talion Charter army, and painting pirates is something I like.

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Great stuff! Always cool to see the whole army assembled.

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Dude. Those look great!

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Just a small photo he says. That is a true horde and a lovely paint job as well. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks :blush:

Let‘s see if this let‘s me upload some more pics. :innocent:


This is inspiring! Excellent work and seeing it all on the table was epic.

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Dear Dasambi,

For the dedication showed in these 6 years of hard work, as shown in the pictures. I as a European member feel your deserve the highest compliment a European can give.
Savour it well, I have been living for a few decades and still didn’t get any complements of this type. It’s a great honor!

Sim senhor…nada mal. ( Portuguese)
Ah ouai! Pas mal. ( French)
Barely noticeable nod with the head ( German, I don’t know German, but I can imagine :joy:)
That will do…that will do… “Stare in to nothing” ( British)

Jokes aside, great work Dasambi, you should be proud of your accomplishments.

Wish I could play with you as a token of respect.



Thanks a lot.
A german would probably say „Ganz in Ordnung.“ („Quite ok.“) before starting to nitpick.
I‘m allowed to say that, I am one :crazy_face:


Your army looks great! Those fire effects add some fantastic touches!

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These are all fantastic, but your Horgle fire effect and OSL made me double take because they didn’t look real, I thought they were digitally painted. Dare I say they’re better than our studio scheme. The Kings are killer too. Really good job man.



Thanks a lot. :blush:
However, I get nowhere near the quality of the studio jobs.
Actually, the application of the OSL looks rather sloppy when you take a closer look… :sweat_smile:


There it is. The nitpicking :joy:


That is a serious amount of trolls, and the paint jobs are astounding. I really like the ones that use fire and have glow affects., the explosion for the shot coming out of that battle engine is super cool too. Great job! Maybe someday you could show a step by step and throw it up here for a model or two? New trolls are coming out, new opportunity for some dope trolls!

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I wish I had the amount of will power you have. I struggle just getting a couple models done. I couldn’t even imagine a whole legacy faction.

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[quote=“Dread_Pirate_Roberts, post:14, topic:892, full:true”] Maybe someday you could show a step by step and throw it up here for a model or two?

My process is not that special.
Basecoat, Washes/Inks, Highlights by layering (or glazing if i can be bothered).
I usually leave the fire for last. Basecoating white, then doing „negative highlights“ going through yellow to dark red.
When that is done I cover the OSL area with a red glaze and highlight through orange up to yellow, the closer it is to the source.

It‘s not the whole faction. I‘m missing some units
Hopefully I do not need them for United Kriels…
Also, it took a couple of years, a few models at a time.
Not playing unpainted helps a lot with motivation.

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Perhaps, but the bold application of the effect, as well as the fact that the placement of those lit areas is generally correct, more than makes up for whatever may be lacking in technique.

Let me add a Finnish “ihan kiva” (translates roughly to “fairly nice”) to the list of European compliments.

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I keep coming back and looking at this. So good!

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Any specific model you would like to see? Maybe I‘ve got a pic. :thinking: