80mm bases and removing defences

Do 80/120mm bases suffer the negative effects of defence features they contact in order to remove them?

For example, the Spike Trap is rough terrain, would Invictus suffer -2 SPD when he contacts and removes it?

I guess the question really is if you can contact these features without entering them. (Naturally Invictus suffers a pow 10 damage roll from the spike trap in this example as that happens when he enters within 1” of the Spike Trap.)

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You would be able to contact it without entering it. Just like a model can be base to base and have 0" between them, you can do the same with zones and terrain features.

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To clarify what Malkav said: you can contact something without entering its area. For example, a model can contact another model (being B2B with it) but that does not mean it has entered or is occupying the same area as that model.

So, if the wording requires entering the area of the defense (or terrain or whatever), you can contact the defense (or whatever) and be spared the effects of entering the area.

However, if the wording says something to the effect of “models within X inches suffer…”, then there’s no way to contact the defense (or whatever) without also being within the distance specified.

So, for example, in the case of the Spike Trap’s Spike Hazard rule, the 80mm model will suffer the effects triggered by entering or ending its activation within 1” of the spike trap before it contacts the spike trap and destroys it.

Does that help? :slightly_smiling_face:

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