Wolves at Our Heels 3 VP Scoring Timing

When do you check which player gets 3 bonus VP for having 40mm objective closer to the enemy board edge

*Before moving objectives on 2nd players 4th turn
*After moving objectives on 2nd players 4th turn?

At the end of each scoring turn after points have been scored, players must move each 40 mm objective they control 3” toward their opponent’s table edge.

That clearly states that the objectives move AFTER scoring.


This same scenario also states that you check which objective is closest to the opposing table edge but we did find out that you actually check which 40mm objective is the closest and ignore 50mm objectives. So the design intent in here too might be different what the printed text says.

The intent is pretty clear: check after scoring. :slightly_smiling_face: There’s no ambiguity in “each turn…after points have been scored”.

Well the intent was “pretty clear” in case of 50mm objectives too but then suddenly it wasn’t.

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