Journeyman League scoring timing

In week 4, there are 2 kind of objectives you can secure and score, terrain objectives and small objectives.

Terrain objectives: score 1 if you secure it at the end of any turn. If you end a turn with securing a terrain objective and your opponent secures the other one , would he also score the point from that securing terrain objective at the same time?

Small objective: score 2 if you secure it “at the beginning of any player’s turn”. If I go first, and able to run 2 models to secure one of the small objectives, then at the beginning of my opponent’s turn(bottom of 1), can I score from that small objective and my opponent just can’t do anything to stop me?

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I didn’t see any stipulations preventing that.

If that’s what dev team intended to present then this scoring rule favors fast army a lot. I would able to secure 3 small objectives and at least one terrain objective then win this match at the start of bottom of 1 if the terrain placement also favors me.

The only way to stop that is to place a bunch of movement blocking terrains to opponent’s side near the objectives, and in that document there’s no restrictions or guidelines to not placing terrains too close. In the end there would be just a pure assassination game to play.

I’m looking forward to see there’s more detailed scoring timing and terrain placement for the Journeyman League scenario, not only for the new players to know what to do, but also let vet players not to abuse the current ruling too hard.

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I emailed them about this a while ago, and they mentioned that was indeed how the scoring goes.
So, play fast and crazy I guess?