Invasion Scenario - Timing of scoring the bonus VP?

In the event that both players score an enemy objective and move it into their deployment zone on the same turn, who gets the bonus VP?

The wording is “Be the first player to end an opponent’s objective movement within your own deployment zone = 5 VP. Score this only once”

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I would love to get some feedback on this too as the intent seems unclear.

I’m on the camp that both can score the bonus VP though.

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We’ll obviously need an Infernal (@elswickchuck …sorry, I know you’ve been getting a lot of these lately; must be something in the water) for a final ruling, but the answer seems pretty straightforward to me:

Both players move the objectives at the end of the turn, but why wouldn’t this fall under active player/inactive player effects?

Only one player will be the literal first player to move the objective into their DZ first, and it seems to me that it should be the active player who gets it first, if somehow both are able to score on the same turn.

I’ll ask and post answer

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Both will score the points