Which P3 paints give the best bang-for-the-buck if you suck at mixing colors?

As the subject says: Which P3 paints give the best bang-for-the-buck if you suck at mixing colors?

It’s time for me to restock my paints, and thus time to look at colors. But also to reconsider what I’m buying.

Also, bonus points if you can tell me about P3 Inks. I’m starting to airbrush and find it useful to use a white ink for zenithal highlighting but the ink I have now (titanium white from ???) separates really badly.

Coal black and umbral umber are my go-to shades for nearly everything, if you’re going to get a few more I recommend eldritch, amethyst rose and inferno orange, newer colours that I’ve had a hard time finding in other ranges like vallejo.

For white inks I use liquitex and it’s quite nice and easily available at art stores.

These two, absolutely. Cryx Bane Base is also a very good shading color. Whenever I order more paints, I pick up some more of these three.

Moldy Ochre is another favorite of mine. It’s a yellow that covers really well, so can be used for basecoating all sorts of yellows and golds.

Sickly Skin is a versatile off-white with a slightly greenish tint. Great for brass and copper NMM, as well as highlighting yellows and greens.

P3 inks are great quality, pigment-rich inks. I’ve no idea how I’d use them for airbrushing, but I either mix them into regular colors to add some vibrancy and hue (e.g. a tiny drop of blue ink to a neutral grey for a cold steel NMM), or for glazing in a very diluted format (like, 20:1 water to Red ink for glazing Khadoran armor, using multiple layers of glaze). Inks are very runny, so you might have better luck with a paint designed for airbrushing for zenithal highlighting.

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I’ve used Beaten Purple in an airbrush. So far so good, although my airbrush is a cheap one. Big thing is it the airbrush is smoother than my handpaining! It’s nice for base layers in that regard.

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