New P3 Colors Still Planned For Release?

I love P3; they’re my paint range of choice! Before the pandemic a whole bunch of paints were teased, and while some of them have been released, others haven’t. I was just wondering if those were still on track, or if they’re on hiatus?

I’d understand if they were, as much as I’m hungry for more paint, I get needing to focus on MkIV.


Out of curiosity, which colors? A few colors have shown up of late (Amethyst Rose, Bad Bruise, Boiler Black, Mage Hunter Green, Orgoth Bronze to name a few).

Bad Bruise is one I’ve been using a lot lately, actually. It’s the primary for my Winter Korps.

Some of the colors with blue titles were/are planned, but haven’t come out yet. Bile Thrall, for example is a core color in the painting guide for the Marcher Worlds’ ochre armor.


Yeah! I’m always on the lookout for more skin tones, and if the consistency of the rest of the metallics are anything like Boiler Black or Orgoth Bronze, then I’ll be happy!

As I understand it, the expanded colors fell victim to the pandemic and don’t have a time table for showing up (if ever). I hope I am wrong because P3 paints are great!

@DragonPup Yeah, I figure it was a mix of the pandemic and the release of MkIV that put these on the back bench, which is understandable. I just hope they’ll eventually get released. I really feel these paints are generally underrated, though they appear in a few popular painters’ arsenals.

I bet you could figure out how to mix it… About half or at least of a third of the new colors did come out… but they the studio painters involved with getting them produced both left PP one after the other and then the Pandemic hits so my bet it will be unlikely to see all the rest of those specific colors released.

While some were new like the semi metallics and washes/effects (Blood of Kings was a scheduled effect paint) many were just common mixes that the PP painters had been mixing for a long time when painting the base faction scheme. Mage Hunter Green is a good example of this. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to mix the colors you want using the existing range as long as they are not a wash or effect…

Though I am sad that Copper Pipe and Blood of Kings will likely never be released. Amethyst Rose, Asheth Grey, Bad Bruise, and Boiler Black have all become and standard part of my paint schemes and basing and I think at least Copper Pipe would have too.

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According to this article: Studio Scheme: Razorbat, Bile Thrall is 2:1 Battledress Green to Moldy Ochre.

If anyone knows of other mixes that were slated to come out, but did not, maybe this would be a good place to post them?