Shading for non-P3 metallics using P3 paints

I am going to be using Vallejo’s Gunmetal Blue, and was thinking of using Cygnar Base as a good shade, but if I wanted to go a dirtier shade, would a traitor green make more sense?

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Depends on whether you want a “quick and dirty” or a more realistic approach. Metals reflect the color next to them, so if the metal part is next to a green part, the shade tends towards the green. If it’s next to a red part, the shade tends towards red, etc.

But if you just want to use a single shade for all metallics everywhere on the model, you probably want a more neutral tone. Blues or purplish blues are good general shades. I also love Coal Black as a shade color for, well, everything. Then, if you want a dirtier shade, you can add a separate glaze of browns and greens in the shadowed areas, or mix the brown/green straight into the blue shade.