Rebuilding my paint stock after killing most of my paints

So, I left my paints in the sun. The Hawai’i summer sun. And in my car. For a month or three…Uhm… I killed my paints through negligence. Some are still good, some are debateable until I get a vortex shaker.

I was wondering how this restock list looks for general purposes (as in, might be good for most situations). I do have gnarls green, menoth white, murderous magenta plus khador red, sanguine base, cygnar blue, and some others so hopefully I can start blending in simple fashions:

I’m a very basic painter, and have several games. I’m just trying to make sure I’ve got a reasonable base. I was tempted to buy the collection packs, but didn’t see the menoth one anymore…

…I never knew that Wish Lists existed. How about that!

I think your list makes lots of sense.

Depending on exactly what you’re painting, you might be able to get by without Heartfire. Depending on your intentions and what you already have on hand, Cygnus Yellow might benefit from using some Menoth White Base as its friendly neighborhood base coat. I might just add Menoth White Base regardless; I commonly find myself using it in a lot of applications.

Everything else is a very solid staple choice!

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I’m a scrub when it comes to mixing colors, so I rarely do it. I do want to experiment with mixing CMY since I work at a print shop and that’s my “native” color space.

I found gold benefits from yellow or heartfire underneath it, plus my experiments with non-metallic metal :slight_smile: