What to run after WFT

What have other GMs run after finishing the Witchfire Trilogy?

My players will be 9th level in 5e as I have added in character side arcs and character driven storylines

I was thinking of the Hidden City module to give them some idea of the extent of the Skorne threat and then was thinking I might run Immortality
One character really wants to explore more of the Iron Kingdoms as they have been around Corvis for the WFT

What do you think?

All suggestions welcome

You know, I’ve never run WFT… I only played the first instalment years ago in D&D 3.0, and at that time I didn’t even know it was IK (The GM sold it as a generic D&D setting, and didn’t include any IK-specific items like steamjacks). But I have written nearly all the adventures I’ve run myself, in any system.

So missions that take the group out of Corvis sound like an easy thing to do? Either go for simple things first, and/or have a patron get interested in the group (maybe sending them on simple missions first to see how they do, without revealing themselves yet), and then, when the group has proven itself to the patron’s satisfaction, the real adventure begins.

Of course, you could simply launch into one other of the published scenarios as well, if the group is the right fit for the scenario.

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You’d need to convert it but my group really enjoyed Immortality for the previous edition of the game.

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