What color is volkova’s hair

My buddy wants to start paint her and it doesn’t look like pp has an official painted model. Does anyone know?

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I don’t know what her official hair color is but I painted her with red hair myself.

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I’ll skim it whenever I get the chance, but Volkova first had screen time in the fiction in Dark Rising. She was featured prominently in Part 6, and also Part 5, if I recall.

Perhaps her hair color was mentioned there?

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That would be cool if you find anything let me know pls


It took me awhile to find it, last chapter of Dark Rising


I definitely missed that in my reading of it. :sweat_smile:


Good looks I appreciate it!

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I’m glad you dug that up. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I was surprised to find it four chapters after the character’s introduction (makes me think I may have missed it somewhere else), but it gave me an excuse to skim back through dark rising :grin:

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Looks like we have app confirmation!

Those sly painted model updates are hilarious, thank you

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